Packaging and palletizing food and beverage

Packaging and palletizing

Using a TAWI vacuum lifter for your packaging and palletizing process guarantees that employees can lift ergonomically and safely, maintaining an optimum lifting pace, all day and every day. And none of the damage to your bottom line that absence due to injury can entail.

Lifting water bottles onto pallet

Risk management in food industry

When packing or palletizing the ingredients or raw materials in food and beverage products, any tears or holes in the bags or sacks could allow foreign substances to infiltrate the materials, potentially destroying their usefulness or making them dangerous to consume.

TAWI’s line of vacuum lifting equipment removes this danger and increase productivity in the process, quickly and delicately moving, stacking, or handling even the most fragile of containers or packaging with no risk of damage to either products or employees.

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Efficient palletizing of food products

When a finished product is packed and ready for shipping, a TAWI vacuum lifter can dramatically improve your workflow by allowing workers to quickly take boxes or containers and place them on a pallet with no damage to the product or its contents. A TAWI vacuum lift system makes easy work of lifting and re-positioning bags, boxes, and sacks when palletizing, so that operators can easily lift the bag or box, swing it over a pallet, and lower it on the pallet safely, securely, and ergonomically.

In addition, a TAWI lifting solution enables each and every employee to lift even the heaviest of loads safely and securely, allowing greater diversity and flexibility in the workplace. You get maximum efficiency, with none of the stress or workplace accidents that often occur as a result of repetitive lifting, stacking, and moving of bags or boxes onto pallets.

Whether for bags and boxes or direct handling of food products, TAWI stainless steel lifts and trolleys ensure ergonomic, safe lifting through all stages of your process, from moving to palletizing to further processing and packaging of products. In addition, TAWI lifting equipment is low cost, low maintenance, easy to install and requires minimum effort to use.

Mounting film roll in packaging machine

Mounting reels in packaging machine

Mounting film reels in packaging machines need to be quick to avoid any down-time in production. But lifting and moving these heavy and ungainly reels is a tough job with high risk of injury.

TAWI Lifting Trolleys offer several tools that allow you to easily lift and mount reels on machine axis, without any physical effort. This eliminates the risk of employee injuries, but also ensures a quick process with minimal down-time.

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