vacuum lifter lifting food products in food processing

Food processing

TAWI stainless-steel vacuum lifters meet the highest clinical standards and have been carefully designed to reflect the requirements of operations where sanitation and product integrity is in focus. Our stainless-steel lifters can also easily withstand the aggressive cleaning processes required in food handling and production and are ideal for any clean process application.

lifting unwrapped meat with stainless steel vacuum lifter

Hygiene in food processing

The raw ingredients that make up food or beverage products come in many packaging forms, from boxes and cartons to bags, sacks, reels, tubes, and more. Handling this diverse range of packaging in a safe and hygienic fashion is a constant challenge. With TAWI’s stainless steel lifters, you can meet that challenge, lifting almost any type of surface or dimension, safely and hygienically. TAWI vacuum lifting systems can handle plastic, paper and jute sacks, boxes and cartons, drums, kegs, and barrels, as well as crates of all types.

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Food health and safety

Vacuum lifting removes the risk of careless accidents or workplace injuries caused by heavy or repetitive lifting, creating a safer, more efficient work environment. In addition, with a TAWI vacuum lifter, any operator, regardless of size or strength, can have precise and weightless control of even the heaviest, most cumbersome bag or sack, making it easier to achieve workplace diversity.

And the increase in productivity and efficiency provided by the TAWI system, along with reductions in workplace injury claims and downtime, mean that our lifters pay for themselves in almost no time at all.

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Food and beverage manufacturing

Processing facilities in the food and beverage industry often have working areas with low headroom or other structural challenges. In addition, the process flow is often a “top down” flow, meaning that a lifting system usually needs to be installed in as little space as possible and close to the ceiling.

With a TAWI vacuum lifting system and our compact, flexible designs, you can easily configure a system (whether overhead or otherwise) that will work the way you need it to work – and in the space you need it to work in.

Man lifting crates with food from conveyor using handheld vacuum lifter

Food handling solutions

With TAWI vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys, the task of processing or emptying bags or sacks of ingredients or raw materials not only maintains the highest levels of sanitation and safety, it brings a new level of efficiency to the process. TAWI equipment is not only sanitary, it is easily cleaned and maintained, allowing both hygienic operations and an efficient process.

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