receiving incoming goods for automotive manufacuring

Incoming goods – automotive

TAWI offers a wide selection of handling solutions for the automotive industry, designed to remove the strain of repetitive lifting and to meet the specific challenges of handling incoming goods in automotive manufacturing plants.

unloading incoming goods for automotive industry

Efficient manual handling of incoming goods

Producing an automobile is a complex process. An average car can feature components from more than 4,000 outside suppliers, all of which must be brought together in the plant for assembly. This vast array of components and parts arrive by truck or railroad, and must be off-loaded and delivered to the proper production area. Parts used in the chassis are delivered to one area, while those that will comprise the body are unloaded at another. The repetitive movement and handling of these components places great physical strain upon human resources and can be a critical – and time consuming – part of the overall process.

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TAWI lifting solutions for the automotive industry have been designed to remove the strain of repetitive lifting and to meet the specific challenges faced when handling incoming goods, such as the need to stack goods between very low and very high levels or to handle large, yet delicate items like window glass. All TAWI lifters features unparalleled ergonomics and can be configured for handling a wide range of different goods such as boxes, sacks, windshields, sheets of metal, etc. TAWI lifters, for example, make it possible to quickly and safely pick items from incoming loads and place them at floor level without kneeling or bending to reach the objects.

Time efficient handling of car parts

Handling processes in the auto industry demand both accuracy and short cycle times. With TAWI lifting solutions, you can minimize both handling times as well as potential handling damage to components. You don’t only save the time in reduced handling, however. The reduction in workplace injury and stress-related absence enabled by an ergonomic TAWI system means that you save by cutting losses due to sick leave and resulting downtimes as well.

Lifting bale using handheld vacuum lifter

TAWI knows time is money

With a TAWI system, you get a highly versatile handling device which can make the handling of all the various components and parts needed for your production line in the most efficient manner possible, while drastically reducing or eliminating the need for messy hydraulics or forklifts and their associated maintenance and down-time issues. All in all, A TAWI system gives you lower costs, improved speed and flexibility, an improved ability to adapt to future process changes, and unparalleled safety.

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