lifting windshield in automotive assembly line


Streamline the assembling of car parts with TAWI’s wide selection of customizeable lifters for handling everything from metal components and batteries to windshields.

lifting car parts in assembly line

Streamlining the assembly line

When assembling the various components that make up an automobile on the assembly line, speed and accuracy are key to profitability. Lifting equipment in the assembly process must facilitate the overall workflow and guarantee that the components or parts are safely handled, with no risk to employees or parts. Lifting must be extremely precise and extremely secure, so that operators working on the assembly line can do their work accurately and safely.

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Our line of lifting solutions for the automotive industry has been specifically designed and purposed to meet the needs of each specific application and a TAWI system can be seamless integrated into any auto assembly line, and easily adapted to existing facilities or processes. TAWI provides not just standard lifting equipment, but customized solutions that have been adjusted to meet the specific needs of the auto industry.

During the final assembly of a car, the various parts and components, such as bumpers, windshields, quarter panels, etc., must be lifted, moved, and manipulated into place – quickly and accurately. A breakdown at any stage of the assembly process delays the entire process – and affects overall profitability. TAWI – born in the “Swedish Detroit”, has lengthy experience in providing solutions to the automotive industry and our solutions have been helping automobile producers maximise efficiency, safety, and profit for years.

lifting car parts in autmotive assembly line

Vacuum technology for fault-free assembly

TAWI has a wide range of products designed to lift most any type of component or part, and to enable workers to lift all-day, every-day, effortlessly and injury or damage free. A TAWI system ensures that any employee can lift and place any part quickly and securely, even difficult-to-hold or heavy workpieces. From the bulkiest piece to the most delicate, lifting with precision and ease is the hallmark of the TAWI system. We are constantly evolving our product offering along with the changes in the automotive industry, helping our customers keep pace with rapidly changing conditions, in the safest, most reliable fashion. The result is a more streamlined, ergonomic and efficient assembly line. And an assurance that the handling of components and parts will not be the weak link in your assembly process.

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