Our lifters are designed to make lifting easy and efficient, for everyone. The systems are easily integrated in your workflow with user-friendly lifters requiring little maintenance. Here you can see why our customers choose the TAWI way of lifting.

Man lifting large board with handheld vacuum, lifter
Improved employee health at LG Collection
TAWI has helped us not just with standard lifting equipment, but with customized solutions that have been adjusted to our specific needs

Björn Skoglund

Production leader

More customer success stories

We asked some of our customers to share their experience of lifting the TAWI way. Here's what they said.

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The same work requires less personnel when using TAWI lifters

Packing boxes on conveyor belt with handheld vacuum lifter

Qualiphar logo

Satisfied and healthy employees are the source of our success

lifting boxes with handheld vacuum lifter

50% reduction in time unloading boxes

Life's Abundance logo

“It’s important to communicate to our staff that we care about them”

stacking boxes on pallet with flexible vacuum lifter

RPC Superfos

We contacted TAWI and together we found a solution that fits perfectly to our needs

Lifting 7200kg of boxes every day, effortlessly

Stacking boxes and kegs on pallets in an ergonomic and time efficient way…

Lifting reels for food packaging

Clarebout logo

One person can lift and transport 80 kg rolls, effortlessly


You feel such a difference at the end of the day

Lifting heavy sacks from pallet

Improved handling speed and ergonomics

Lifting sacks from pallet with vacuum lifter

Increased productivity without extra effort

Lifting blocks of stone with handheld vacuum lifter

Lifting 80 kg stone blocks

Lifting sacks from pallet to hopper

The benefits became clear right from the start

Lifting sacks from pallet using handheld vacuum lifter

Lifting 25 kg sacks of copper salts

Lifting boxes from conveyor to pallet

Biovert logo

Damaged goods have been reduced to zero

Man lifting box with handheld vacuum lifter

Both the operator and the company score the equipment 10 out of 10

Zabolak wood panel lifting


Every employee can work with the lifter, even temporary personnel learns very easy how to work with the lifter

Lifting laminate sheets

Today we avoid damages and complaints that we had before


We are able to avoid heavy manual handling and minimize the strain on workers

Customised solution for handling paper sacks

TAWI lifting equipment facilitates our work a lot
Jotun paints atex lifting equipment

The equipment is easy to use and completely removes the need for the operator to handle the item.

The feeling of moving our products effortlessly is amazing
lifting cheese

TAWI lifting equipment has significantly facilitated the lifting of cheese

LG Collection

With TAWI lifters everyone can lift large and heavy sheets


Everyone can handle heavy sacks with TAWI lifters

The flexibility of the lifting trolley is great

The lifters are easy to use and have high operational reliability

With TAWI vacuum lifter one employee can handle two men/women’s job
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