Lifting laminate sheets


Today we avoid damages and complaints that we had before
Lifting laminate sheets
”Today, we are able to handle sheets in a way where we avoid damages and complaints that we had to face before”

Henrik H. Rasmussen

Storehouse Employee

improved efficiency and fewer damage claims at Riisfort A/S
Previously, all sheets were handled manually. Each lifting operation was heavy and could only be carried out by the strength of two employees at a time. For that reason, it was difficult to complete packing an order without interruptions. Furthermore, it was challenging to avoid scratches and damages on edges and surfaces, which would then lead to complaints from our customers.

We contacted TAWI

We reached out to TAWI to find a durable solution to avoid heavy lifting operations and product damages.

Today, we have an improved workflow and get fewer complaints

Our vacuum lifter is used 25-50 times a day. It is a valuable tool that is used by all the employees in the storehouse, whenever they need lifting assistance. We can dispatch orders without interruptions, because the lifting can be handled by one person alone, and last but not least, we receive fewer complaints from customers because we avoid damaging the products.
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