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With TAWI vacuum lifter one employee can handle two men/women’s job
With our TAWI vacuum lifter one employee can handle two men/women’s job

Karen Margrethe Lauridsen


Easier lifting and greater flexibility at DLG Vet
At DLG Vet, we need to lift sacks and heavy objects in the storehouse. Manual lifting operations were a normal part of the daily routine at work, and it was a tough challenge for the employees to handle in the long term.

We reached out to TAWI

We wanted a user-friendly solution that could ease the heavy lifting operations and we contacted TAWI.

A solution that fits our needs

Now that we have a vacuum lifter, we would not want to do without it – and hopefully we do not have to. The investment made a huge improvement in relation to our employees and the daily workflow. We all use the vacuum lifter, when needed, and it has given us a greater freedom and flexibility to do our jobs.
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