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Production plants in the food industry can easily speed up their workflow, saving time and money, while also benefiting from a risk-free and ergonomic work environment.

Using the right lifting aids for your entire production process, from unloading the incoming goods to loading the finished products, will increase your workflow. Most of the workflow is still done manually without the use of lifting aids in many food industry production plants today. TAWI has worked closely with clients in the food industry for many years, and because of this we can identify the most important areas where production plants can improve their entire production workflow.

A production plant in the food industry will often receive ingredients for their products that are packed in bags. Most of the time these bags are heavy, and awkward to unload in an ergonomic fashion. This process usually will require two people for lifting each bag. However, by using a mobile vacuum lifter, only one person is needed to unload a container full of bags, implementing minimal effort, all while saving time and reducing the risk of work-related injuries caused from repetitive heavy lifting. A TAWI vacuum lifter allows anyone to lift bags up to 175 lbs effortlessly and ergonomically.

The first step of production often involves taking bags filled with ingredients and emptying them into a container for mixing. Again, these bags are heavy and awkward and usually requires two people to lift them. Holding the bag while cutting it open to empty the contents can also be challenging, even for two people working together. Installing vacuum lifters above the mixing container will make this process simpler for one single person. One person can easily grab a bag from a pallet, move it to the mixing container, and empty the ingredients, all while saving time, reducing any long term injury, and improving the processing workflow as well.

When food product is ready to be packaged, usually the production plant will need to mount rolls of plastic film into a packaging machine. The rolls tend to be heavy and difficult to handle manually. The solution in this case is an electric lifting trolley. A TAWI lifting trolley can pick up rolls up from a vertical position on a pallet, turn the roll to a horizontal position, and lift the rolls to the exact height needed to mount them on the machine axis. The use of lifting trolleys in this process once again makes the workflow easier and significantly lessens the risk of injuries that can be caused from heavy lifting.

When the finished product is packed and ready for shipping, a vacuum lifter can assist the workflow by swiftly grabbing boxes from the conveyor and placing them on a pallet. Implementing a vacuum lifter in this process will guarantee that employees can lift ergonomically and safely. They will also not fatigued from the repetitive lifting, but will instead maintain the lifting at the same pace, all day and every day.

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