Find your ideal drum lifting tool

With a TAWI UK drum lifter you can lift, move and tilt almost all drums, allowing you empty their contents or stack them horizontally if required.

  • Mobile and flexible drum handling.
  • Safe and effortless tilting and turning.
  • Ergonomic tools for efficient lifting.

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Find your ideal drum tilting tool

Man lifting and moving plastic roll using a handhold vacuum lifter

Lifting trolleys

Lifting trolleys

Lift anything, anywhere. Mobile, flexible and efficient handling of reels, drums, containers and more. For loads <250 kg.

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Stainless steel lifting trolley with drum lifting tool

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Mobile stainless steel lifters, ideal for material handling in cleanroom areas. For loads <250 kg.

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Drum handling the flexible way

With TAWI UK, you can increase the efficiency of drum handling within the workplace. Our smart tools allow you to lift, tilt and turn drums with minimal effort whilst maintaining a constant pace.

Drums of all shapes and sizes
No matter what type of drums, barrels, kegs or pails you work with, we have a tool that will make your lifting effortless and efficient. Everything from small pails of paint to big oil barrels or are gripped just as easily with our lifting tools. To allow tilting and turning the drums, we grip from the outside, giving full flexibility to turn and tilt the load as far as needed.

Mobile drum lifters
For full freedom to move, we recommend handling drums with TAWI Lifting Trolleys. These robust lifters can handle drums up to 200 kilos and allow you to turn or tilt the load as far as you need.

Program the turn angle to your preference, or work with endless rotation. The lifter is easily adapted to meet your specific needs. Working in a sensitive environment with specific sanitary requirements? a stainless-steel model is would be the best solution, but we can also adapt the lifter further to meet specific industry requirements.

Lifting drums, barrels, kegs and more
TAWI Wire hoist is one of the fastest wire hoists on the market. Equipped with a drum lifting tool adapted to your specific needs, this lifter offers safe and ergonomic lifting of all types of drums, with optimal precision. Variable speed control lets you decide how fast or slow to move at any point, giving you complete control of your load. Lift and tilt drums, barrels, kegs and more, effortless and easy with ergonomic lifting tools.

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