turning large sheet of wood with vacuum gripper lifting wooden boards with vacuum lifter lifting wood panels with vacuum lifting wood sheets with vacuum lifter lifting wood panels with vacuum lifter Lifting wood sheets using vacuum lifter

Lifting wooden sheets

TAWI UK offers a wide range of vacuum sheet lifters for handling and manipulating timber, boards, plywood, and wooden sheets with little effort and maximum productivity.

  • Maximum lift with minimal effort.
  • Secure grip for efficient, reliable lifting.
  • Range of movement for highest accuracy and flexibility.

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Now we can handle sheets in a way where we avoid damages and complaints that we had to face before

Now we can handle sheets in a way where we avoid damages and complaints that we had to face before

Henrik H. Rasmussen

Warehouse employee, Riisfort A/S

Lift wood sheets and panels in the most efficient, ergonomic way

A TAWI UK vacuum gripper can lift, tilt, and rotate panels or sheets of wood, providing safe and ergonomic lifting for these heavy products. Able to move wood sheets up to 500 kg or more horizontally and up to 250 kg vertically, the TAWI UK vacuum gripper makes light work of this heavy lifting and provides a large range of motion and precision.

Super strength, super precision

Lifting and positioning flat wood products requires a great deal of power and dexterity. Positioning these cumbersome products accurately also requires a high level of precision. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the lumber industry, where lifting and moving large and heavy pieces of primary produce and wood panels is a daily requirement, with weights up to 250 kg per piece not uncommon.

With a TAWI UK vacuum gripper lifting solution, you have the perfect combination of power and precision, enabling a single employee to easily manage large sheet wood ergonomically, easily, and safely.

No need to double your workforce

In the past, a minimum of two employees were required to lift, turn, and place heavy wood panels or sheets. Now, with the TAWI Multifunctional lifter vacuum lifter, a single employee can easily manage large sheet wood products up to 270 kg.

With the TAWI vacuum gripper, one person can handle wood products up to 250 kg, tilting them a full 180 degrees. Handle controls are ergonomically designed and fully integrated with the hoist, enabling the operator to easily manoeuvre the machine. With a button push, the operator can activate the vacuum, lift up/down, control the vacuum level, or tilt and release the load. Sheets and panels of all densities and dimensions are handled equally well.

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