lifting stones with vacuum lifter lifting stone slabs from pallet with vacuum lifter lifting stone slabs from pallet with vacuum lifter lifting stones with vacuum

Lifting stone slabs

With TAWI UK’s stone vacuum lifters you can lift heavy stone slabs easily and effortlessly. Lift all types of stone and cement!

  • Lift effortlessly and ergonomically.
  • Easy handling of heavy stones.
  • Versatile and customised tools.

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TAWI UK's vacuum slab lifter- giving you an efficient operation

Handling heavy stone or cement slabs? TAWI UK vacuum lifters will make lifting easy and effortless, efficiently handling all types of stone and cement blocks.

Handling stone or cement blocks
Lifting slabs of stone or cement could be cumbersome and heavy, but our vacuum slab lifter makes it effortless and easy. The lifter securely grips the load, with a rubber gasket compensating for any irregularities in the surface ensuring air-tight lifting. The stone or slab is now easily lifted and released again after being placed exactly where you need it.

The ergonomic handle allows you to comfortably control lifting height with your fingertips, easily gripping and releasing the load with just one hand.

Ergonomic lifting
Lifting stone or slabs with TAWI UK vacuum lifters ensure an ergonomic working position, saving employees from aching backs and shoulders. The lifters allow anyone to handle heavy loads effortlessly and ergonomically, potentially saving both time and effort in your operations.

Giving every employee the power to lift heavy helps create an equal workplace with a flexible workforce where employees can easily step in for each other.

Lifting systems made for you
With a selection of standard lifters based on decades of lifting experience, supplemented by customised solutions designed on customer request, we can always offer a lifting system that is ideal for your conditions and individual needs. The vacuum lifters can be equipped with suction feet designed specifically for your goods to ensure efficient lifting in your business. Mount the lifter in our own TAWI UK crane systems that are built for your facilities and easily integrated in your workflow, ensuring efficient operations with optimal range of motion.

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