Ergonomic lifting of jute sacks

TAWI UK lifters enable the secure lifting and movement of jute or burlap sacks without risk to employees or contents.

  • Maximum speed with minimal effort.
  • Secure grip on every bag for efficient, reliable lifting.
  • Lifting without damaging the sack.

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electric hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed electric hoist handling all types of goods with high precision. For loads <120 kg.

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Providing modern solutions for traditional products

Modern solutions for traditional products

Jute and burlap sacks are still very common in certain industries, such as coffee/tea manufacturing. These sacks, while prized for their appearance and recyclability, cannot be lifted with standard solutions for obvious reasons. TAWI UK’s lifting solutions provide an efficient and safe way to handle jute or burlap sacks. Our lifters can be equipped with a special twin hook tool to enable the lifting of various types of easily torn burlap, canvas, and jute sacks. The ergonomic handle on the lifter provides easy and smooth handling for the operator, maximises productivity, and ensures accuracy.


More power, less strain

Lifting heavy jute bags and sacks can be cumbersome and awkward, often requiring numerous employees per sack, and brings with it a risk of injury to both employees and contents. TAWI UK’s bag and sack handler units enable you to lift jute bags in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner without the backbreaking effort involved in repetitive manual handling.

Workers have precise and weightless control with TAWI UK vacuum powered lifting, with even the heaviest sacks able to be easily handled by a single worker, in less time, with less effort, and less risk. TAWI UK lifting solutions are specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from the workplace injuries and loss of productivity caused by repetitive manual handling. Our jute sack lifting solutions virtually eliminate employee downtime as a result of injury and move sacks and bags in a safe and efficient manner. Our jute sack lifting solutions are highly adaptable and can be completely customised to suit your specific application, space, or budgetary constraints.


Solutions that work the way that you work

With TAWI UK’s vacuum powered lifting, each and every worker can have precise and weightless control of even the heaviest, most cumbersome bag or sack, making it is easier to achieve workplace diversity, since all workers can lift the same loads, removing the obstacle of physical limitations of size or strength. In addition, a TAWI UK lifter requires a minimum amount of training, enabling users to get up and running within minutes.

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