Lift and handle all sorts of plastic components

A TAWI UK lifter can assist in the handling of almost any plastic component. No matter the size or shape, we have a solution that will streamline manual handling in your business.

  • Smart solutions for handling specific plastic parts.
  • Advanced systems for large quantity lifting.
  • Always efficient, reliable and ergonomic.

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Let TAWI UK help you handle plastic components

Plastic components are often handled manually, but TAWI UK lifters can streamline that manual handling and make lifting more efficient, for both business and people.

Moving plastic components
Moving large quantities of plastic components? Regardless of the size, shape or number of components, a TAWI UK lifter can create efficiency within the process and ensure positive ergonomics for employees. Bulks of small components are easily transported with a TAWI Lifting Trolley whilst larger plastic parts of are handled efficiently with a vacuum lifter or hoist.

The lifter is mounted in a stationary or mobile crane system, depending on how far you need to move. TAWI UK crane systems are always custom made to fit your facilities and can easily be integrated in your existing workflow.

Precision lifting
Need to lift and position components in a specific location? Our high-speed wire hoist, TAWI ViperHoist, handles plastic parts of various shape and sizes with optimal precision. The ergonomic handle gives full control of your load, allowing you to easily adjust the speed and carefully place components exactly where you need them.

TAWI ViperHoist can be used together with a wide selection of tools, depending on the type of plastic components you need to lift. Because of its high precision, the hoist is commonly used when assembling plastic parts in various production industries.

Not looking for a hoist? Our most flexible vacuum lifter, TAWI VacuEasylift offers several solutions for handling plastic components. Vacuum technology easily grips and lifts components one by one, or gathered in a crate or container. The ergonomic handle lets you control the load with fingertip precision.

Workforce flexibility
TAWI lifters make lifting easy. With the right tools, everyone can lift, saving employee health and adding flexibility to the business. A flexible workforce where everyone can lift saves time and helps create a more productive workflow. That’s what we call smart lifting.

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