lifting glass panel with vacuum lifter

Find your perfect glass lifting equipment

Lifting heavy glass goods requires tools that will complete the job in the most efficient time whilst ensuring there is no damage to the product.

  • Maintaining safety for both operator and load.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic lifting.
  • Suction feet safely gripping glass of all shapes.

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Find your perfect glass lifting equipment

Multifuctional Lifter lifting box

Multifunctional lifter

Multifunctional lifter

This versatile vacuum lifter is our most flexible lifting tool, handling goods of all shapes and sizes, easy and efficient. For loads <270 kg.

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Stor träskiva lyfts med hjälp av en vakuumdriven skivlyft

Panel Lifter

Panel Lifter

TAWI Panel Vacuum Lifter is compact, low-weight, and easily adjusts to new applications and situations. For loads up to 180 kg.

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Glass products can be efficiently handled with TAWI UK

TAWI UK vacuum lifters and TAWI UK vacuum grippers provide efficient handling of almost all glass products, safe for both operator and load.

Save time and effort

Lifting glass with TAWI UK vacuum lifters can save both time and effort in your operation. Suction feet adapted to your load make sure the lifter grips the load easily and holds it safely throughout the lift. You can trust that the lifter will hold the load safely until you choose to release it, even if the power is cut. Lifting with vacuum is almost effortless and will save your employees from straining their backs or shoulders, and at the same time speed up the manual handling of goods in your business.

Safe and ergonomic

TAWI UK vacuum lifters are designed to ensure an ergonomic working position for every operator. The handle is easy to use and just as comfortable for right- and left-handed users. Grip the load, adjust lifting height, and release the load with a simple fingertip movement. Vacuum powered lifting is safe for both operator and load, helping the operator place the glass exactly where it should be without any damage.


Everyone can lift

With TAWI UK, everyone can lift, regardless of physique. Giving every employee the power to lift ensures a flexible workforce, minimising the risk of unnecessary downtime. When you allow everyone to lift glass you create an equal workplace where employees can easily cover for each other if needed. TAWI UK lifters will help create an ergonomic work environment and reliable operations, safely lifting all types of glass products.

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