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Your lifter for bathroom appliances

Need to lift bathtubs, basins or toilets? TAWI UK vacuum systems can handle any furniture you find in a bathroom. We do lift tiles as well, but that’s another story!

  • Difficult loads are easily lifted.
  • Lift from the top or from the side. Flexible lifting.
  • Control the load with your fingertips. Precision lifting.

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Creating efficient, easy lifting for all bathroom appliances

Lifting toilets, basins, or even bath tubs? TAWI UK vacuum systems make lifting effortless, ergonomic and efficient, no matter what you need to lift.

Porcelain products
Heavy, yet fragile products like basins, toilets and bathtubs need to be handled with care. TAWI UK vacuum lifters offer the power needed to lift these objects, and the precision to handle them with care. With a wide selection of standard suction feet, and the ability to modify suction feet for individual requests, our vacuum lifters can grip anything you need to lift. Our most flexible lifter, TAWI VacuEasylift, is available in several models, handling up to 270 kg.

For high speed handling of smaller objects, the TAWI VacuCobra is an ideal tool, handling up to 50 kg. The load is easily lifted with just one hand, giving the operator full control and optimal freedom to move.

Efficient logistics
Need to pack bathroom furniture or other heavy objects onto pallets? Pack your goods with speed and precision using vacuum technology. The vacuum lifter easily grips the loads from the top, or from the side. Lifting and moving the load to the pallet is effortless and easy. The ergonomic handle allows you to control lifting height with your fingertips, making it easy to lower the goods onto the pallet with precision.

Workforce flexibility for efficient operations
When everyone can lift a large bath tub, the workforce becomes more flexible and you avoid downtime. TAWI UK vacuum lifters save employees from straining backs, shoulders and knees, allowing them to work efficiently. All day, every day. Improve employee health, increase efficiency and save money by lifting smart with TAWI UK.

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