One-handed lifting of kitchen appliances

Are you manufacturing kitchen cupboards, dishwashers, refrigerators, or anything else you might find in a kitchen? TAWI UK can handle all types of appliances and furniture! We lift food too, but that’s another story!

  • Use our grip and lift method for effortless and easy lifting.
  • One-handed lifting. Optimal mobility.
  • Ergonomic handling. With precision.

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Helping you lift kitchen cupboards, worktops, dishwashers and so much more

No matter what you need to lift, lifting systems from TAWI UK make easy and help create an efficient workflow, good for both business and people.

Power and precision
Our vacuum lifters make lifting easy and ergonomic, reducing the risk of injury and allowing employees to focus on what is important in your business. Lifting with vacuum technology is a sustainable way of increasing efficiency and relieving employees from straining manual handling. TAWI VacuEasylift can grip almost anything, weighing up to 270 kg, and lift it with precision. A wide selection of suction feet makes it possible to lift products made of wood, plastic, metal and more. The ergonomic handle allows the operator to control the load with fingertip precision, no matter if they are right- or left-handed.

Speed and efficiency
Looking to improve efficiency? Lifting with vacuum can speed up workflow, increase productivity, and leave employees less tired at the end of the day. TAWI VacuCobra is ideal for high frequency lifting. The lifter is easily maneuvered with one hand, giving the operator optimal mobility and control.

Big and heavy benchtops, doors or other large sheets that normally would require two people to lift them are easily handled by just one person with TAWI vacuum gripper. The tool allows the operator to turn and tilt the goods up to 180 degrees.

Flexibility equals productivity
With TAWI UK lifters in your business, everyone can lift. Give employees the right tools to lift safe and easy and get a flexible workforce, minimizing the risk of unnecessary downtime. Optimal productivity is achievable when every employee can handle the heavy lifting, over and over again.

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