Packing boxes on conveyor belt with handheld vacuum lifter

TAWI’s ergonomic equipment refined Qualiphar’s processes

Satisfied and healthy employees are the source of our success

Packing boxes on conveyor belt with handheld vacuum lifter
“This was the start-up with ergonomic devices, but it certainly doesn't stop there. As we continue to grow, we want to rely more on these products to negate any strenuous physical task. Our employees are the foundation of our success and deserve the necessary attention and dedication to make their well-being our top priority.”

Jan-Karl Verlinden

Supply Chain Manager, Qualiphar

Manual handling of boxes belongs to the past

Through its brand and numerous private labels, Qualiphar strives to make people, in more than 60 countries healthier and happier with their high-quality pharmaceutical products. Qualiphar understands the importance of their employees and keeping them safe and healthy.

Your company is only as strong as its weakest link

“Satisfied and healthy employees prefer to come to work and are more productive.” Jan-Karl Verlinden, Supply Chain Manager at Qualiphar

Like many other manufacturers, Qualiphar faced a problem where they often had to handle heavy boxes in their production. The boxes weigh up to 20 kg and therefore require substantial physical effort from the employees.

Only the strongest employees could lift the heavy boxes, which often resulted in pain and injury among employees. Qualiphar recognised this problem and wanted to find a solution that would enable any employee, regardless of their physical strength, to move the boxes without overexerting themself.

The solution to a common challenge

Qualiphar found Logitrans, the local TAWI supplier in Belgium, and a vacuum lift system was recommended. After implementing two overhead vacuum lift systems in their facilities, all employees can lift the boxes with minimal effort. Employees can now handle the boxes more quickly and without compromising their physical health.

Added benefits

Knowing that their employees actively looked for a solution to a challenge in their daily work has positively impacted Qualiphar employees’ overall satisfaction. Managers have noticed how this has translated into higher productivity. Instead of having to take a brief break every half hour to give the body some rest, employees can now work more consistently. You can read more about the benefits experienced at Qualiphar in this article.

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