A man lifting and turning a keg from a shelf with TAWI vacuum lifter

Vacuum lifting equipment for Dugges Brewery

We have eliminated lifting heavy kegs

A man lifting and turning a keg from a shelf with TAWI vacuum lifter
The vacuum lifter has greatly improved our work environment since we have eliminated all heavy lifting of kegs. The technical solution is efficient and easy to use. It has also been very reliable.

Mikael Dugge Engström

Founder & CEO of Dugges Brewery

Eliminating heavy lifting at Dugges Brewery

New microbreweries enter the market annually, offering customers a wide selection of local craft-made beer. Dugges Brewery is located in Landvetter Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. In 2005, founder Mikael Dugge Engström opened the doors to Dugges brewery for the first time, and a growth journey began. Today, Dugges has 12 employees, a significant export business, and new beer flavours are launched almost weekly. Using TAWI’s vacuum lifting equipment helped alleviate the strain on the body when lifting heavy beer kegs.

The challenge of keg filling & palletizing

With steady growth came some manual handling challenges. On some days, hundreds of kegs were filled, lifted from above shoulder height, turned 90 degrees, and placed on pallets. Every keg weighing 30+ kg. This is heavy work even for the fittest employee, especially in the long run.

“When it comes to keg filling, we sometimes have 200 kegs that needs to be filled and placed on pallets in one day. Doing this manually is not good for the body. Therefore, we started looking for a solution” says Mikael Dugge Engström, Founder & CEO of Dugges Brewery.

How can we improve our work environment?

A few years back, Dugges invested in an ergonomic vacuum lifter to relieve employees from heavy manual handling. The priority was to provide better ergonomic conditions and avoid unnecessary strain for the brewery workers. The solution was a TAWI vacuum lifter with a wheel specially engineered for exactly this purpose, making it easy for employees to lift the heavy kegs, turn them 90 degrees and place them on pallets.

“The lifter works well. It works well for us and removes heavy lifting, sparing our bodies”, Sebastian Lind, Brewer at Dugges Brewery.

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