An operator at Stansted Airport uses a TAWI Vacuum Lifter

Baggage Lifting Solutions at London Stansted Airport

TAWI is the perfect partner for the airport and aviation industry

An operator at Stansted Airport uses a TAWI Vacuum Lifter

I highly recommend TAWI as a great partner for the Aviation and Airport industry. They help us minimise work-related injuries with a robust, ergonomic baggage handling system and improve productivity. After installing the lifting equipment, they could train more than 140 individual staff in just seven days.


Steve Radford

Head of Baggage & Security Engineering

Baggage lifting solutions for increasing efficiency at London Stansted Airport

London Stansted is the third-largest airport in the UK, and more than 27 million passengers pass through STN to over 200 destinations annually.

Manual handling is one of their top three causes of injuries, contributing massively to lost time and efficiency.

Baggage handlers are always at risk of severe injury, and the most efficient way to minimise the risk of these injuries is to reduce manual lifting at airports. In the London Stansted Airport (STN), “Health and Safety” is their main priority, so they contacted TAWI to put ergonomic baggage handling systems in place.  

After years of working in the airport industry, TAWI has a complete portfolio for all baggage handling applications. Our strong history of success has resulted in a partnership with London Stansted Airport.  

TAWI: A global partner in the airport industry 

Before installing our system, they needed at least one operator to manually load the luggage onto a dolly at the end of every four luggage chutes. This situation was difficult for the baggage handlers, who felt the strain of loading and unloading bags daily. Therefore, managers and operators needed a better solution and were looking for a partner to deliver efficiently the best quality solution on the market. 

During our initial meetings with STN, they laid out the following requirements: 

  • Innovation and quality at a reasonable price 
  • Mitigation of the risks of manual handling
  • Robust solution for all their lifting applications
  • Ensuring the ROI  

Pete Wood, our key Accounts Manager for Airports, explained that the TAWI team had worked closely with the customer from the first meeting to understand their process, requirements, and the challenges the baggage handling operators face. With our deep insight into their challenges, STN chose to partner with us, as we were the best to meet all their requirements.  

Stansted Airport now has a complete baggage lifting solution with three different types of lifters that enable the baggage handlers to lift and move luggage of any size, shape and weight. The lifting solutions we installed for them are: 

  • 26 High-frequency Vacuum Lifters  
  • 24 Standard Baggage Lifters 32.5KG  
  • 2 Out of Gauge Lifters (OOG) (environments up to 60 kg (132 lbs)  


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