warehouse health and safety: Person in a warehouse palletizing a canister with the use of a TAWI vacuum lifter

Elevating Warehouse Safety: TAWI Vacuum Lifters Lead the Way

Increased warehouse health, safety and time-efficiency at LOGOSYS Logistik
warehouse health and safety: Person in a warehouse palletizing a canister with the use of a TAWI vacuum lifter
This solution not only enhanced occupational safety but also boosted the productivity of our picking process.

Manuel Piechotta

Assistant Manager

Increased warehouse health, safety and time-efficiency at LOGOSYS Logistik
In the fast-paced logistics world, managers continually seek innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and safety in their operations. LOGOSYS Logistik GmbH, a leader in logistics, has taken a significant step forward by integrating TAWI vacuum lifters into their workflow. With over 75 years of experience, LOGOSYS Logistik specialize in pharmaceutical and chemical logistics. Their services include storage, order picking, transport and dispatch, and production logistics. With 225 employees, LOGOSYS strives for continuous improvement to optimize efficiency and performance in the interest of their customers.

Challenge: elevate warehouse health and safety – AND boost efficiency

The daily movement of goods without technical assistance led to high physical strain for the warehouse workers at LOGOSYS, while also increasing the risk of injuries and downtime. The traditional manual handling of heavy loads elevated the risk for workplace accidents and slowed down order processing, impacting the overall productivity. A need for a more supportive and modern working environment was evident.

Main challenges:

  • Physical strain on employees
  • Warehouse safety concerns
  • Efficiency bottlenecks
  • Employee satisfaction

Solution: user-friendly vacuum lifters to improve warehouse health and safety

“It was important for us to relieve our employees in the warehouse. With TAWI’s vacuum lifters, we were able to address the challenges of manual handling by guaranteeing our employees a gentle and safe lifting process”, says Manuel Piechotta at LOGOSYS Logistik GmbH.
The vacuum lifters are used daily for order picking at two locations in the warehouse. By changing the vacuum attachments, the employees can easily move canisters, bagged goods and boxes up to 50 kg. Commonly, seven pallets stacked with different goods are handled with the vacuum lifters per day, about 218 pallets a month.

Results  - increased warehouse safety, employee satisfaction and productivity

Upon the introduction of TAWI vacuum lifters at LOGOSYS Logistik GmbH, a swift and significant relief in physical strain was observed among the employees.
Manuel Piechotta explains, “The work in the picking area has been improved so that we have fewer complaints and absence due to physical strain. These positive changes have not only contributed to an improved working environment, but also to a sustained increase in employee satisfaction.” “This solution not only contributed to improving occupational safety, but also increased the productivity of our picking process”, Manuel Piechotta continues. “This was of course also a decisive factor for the investment”.
Close up of a person using a vacuum lifter to lift canisters

Experienced benefits:

Ergonomic Lifting: Reducing physical strain by enabling ergonomic handling of loads, protecting employees' backs and joints. Enhanced Safety: Mitigating risks associated with manually lifting heavy items. Time Efficiency: Speeding up order processing, leading to increased productivity. Boosted Employee Morale: Modernizing the work environment and elevating employee satisfaction. Immediate Relief: Employees experienced significant relief in physical strain. Reduced Complaints and Absences: A notable decrease in complaints related to physical strain and a reduction in absences. Positive Employee Feedback: Employees have embraced the new equipment, appreciating the improved working conditions.

A partnership towards healthy and safe warehouse operations

LOGOSYS Logistik GmbH's partnership with TAWI has alleviated physical strain among employees and fostered a safer, more efficient, and employee-friendly work environment. Their experience exemplifies how integrating smart lifting solutions can profoundly impact logistics operations - increasing warehouse health and safety while also elevating productivity.    
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