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Our most rapid lifters grip and lift boxes, food products and airport luggage, amongst others, in no time. With a comfortable handle for one-hand use, you can lift and move goods at high speed with our high-frequency lifter. Ideal for logistic centres and other operations where speed is essential.

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High-frequency lifting with TAWI

High-speed lifting has never been easier. Grip and lift boxes and other goods, quickly and easily with TAWI’s high frequency lifter.

  • Lifting capacity: <65kg
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Stroke: 1720 - 1840 mm
  • Lift, boxes, drums, baggage, food products and more

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High-frequency manual handling

With TAWI High frequency lifter you can grip and lift quick and easy with just one hand. The suction foot can hold most types of packaged goods.

  • High-speed box handling
  • Grip from the top or from the side
  • One-handed lifting with user-friendly joystick handle
  • Customized suction feet to suit your boxes
  • Rotate boxes 360°

Product Details

Our most rapid lifter, TAWI High frequency lifter is available in 4 models with lifting capacity from 35-65 kg.

  • Information
    Lifting capacity35 kg
    Hose diameter80 mm
    Lifting speed0-1 m/s
    Max length lift tube3000 mm
    Stroke1840 mm
  • Media
    VacuCobra VC20 high speed vacuum lifter
  • Information
    Lifting capacity45 kg
    Hose diameter100 mm
    Lifting speed0-1 m/s
    Max length lift tube3000 mm
    Stroke1720 mm
  • Media
    VacuCobra VC35 high speed lifter
    VacuCobra VC35 stainless steel lifter
    VacuCobra VC35 with adapter
  • Information
    Lifting capacity55 kg
    Hose diameter120 mm
    Lifting speed0-1 m/s
    Max length lift tube3000 mm
    Stroke1720 mm
  • Media
    VacuCobra high speed lifter
    VacuCobra VC40 high speed box lifter
    VacuCobra VC40 high frequency box lifter
  • Information
    Lifting capacity65 kg
    Hose diameter140 mm
    Lifting speed0-1 m/s
    Max length lift tube3000 mm
    Stroke1720 mm
  • Media
    VacuCobra high speed lifter
    VacuCobra VC50 side lift
    VacuCobra VC50 side lifter

High-frequency lifting at full speed

Need to speed up manual handling of goods? This high-speed lifter makes lifting quick easy and safe.

Comfortable control

The high-frequency lifter picks up boxes of all shapes and sizes, securely gripping them from the top or the side. Whenever you need to load or unload packaged goods, TAWI High-frequency lifter will make the job effortless, efficient and ergonomic. The comfortable handle lets you pick up loads using only one hand, efficiently controlling lifting height with your fingertips. The control is quickly adjusted from the handle’s right to the left side to suit left- or right-handed users.

Time-efficient handling

Loading or unloading pallets has never been easier. Pick up goods from the top or the side, turn the load if needed and quickly release it in the exact position where you need it. A swivel integrated into the tube lifter’s top and bottom allows you to rotate the goods and not the lifter, ensuring great precision. The quick-release function makes sure no time is wasted when releasing the load. The TAWI high-frequency lifter facilitates high-frequency lifting, streamlining the manual handling of goods in any logistic department, distribution centre or warehouse.

Custom-made to your requirements

The suction feet used to grip the load come in various shapes and sizes and can be custom-made to fit your goods. Carton boxes are the most common load lifted by the TAWI High frequency lifter, but food industry clients can also utilise it to lift various loads such as blocks of cheese or meat, milk cartons or wine boxes. The High-frequency lifter is also commonly used for baggage handling in airports, making it a highly versatile piece of equipment.

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