lifting window with vacuum yoke sheet gripper

Sheet gripper

TAWI Grip sheet gripper is compact, low-weight, and easy to adjust to new applications and situations. For flexible and efficient material handling. The optimal solution for lifting and turning big boards of wood, metal, glass or laminate.

lifting and tilting large boards with vacuum sheet gripper lifting metal sheet with vacuum gripper on hoist lifter lifting window with vacuum sheet gripper gripping and lifting metal board with vacuum yoke lifting glass sheet with vacuum yoke on hiost

Sheet gripper

This sheet gripper is ideal for handling sheets of wood, metal, glass or other materials. Customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • Lifting capacity: <500 kg
  • Vacuum source: electric or pneumatic
  • Tilting: up to 180 degrees

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Efficient vacuum gripper

The user-friendly control panel, compact design and adaptability of this innovative vacuum sheet gripper makes it ideal for efficient and ergonomic handling of all types of board material.

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Optional electric tilt function
  • Electric or pneumatic source
  • Mount in TAWI crane system to optimize working area

Product Details

TAWI Grip is available in two standard models. Customized solutions with 180° tilt on request.

Lifting capacity500 kg
Vacuum sourceelectric or pneumatic
Suction coupsdimensioned for double the load
Horizontal sheet gripper
Lifting capacity250 kg
Suction cupsdimensioned for four times the load
Vacuum sourceelectric or pneumatic
sheet gripper with tilt

Time-efficient sheet handling with vacuum sheet gripper

Grip, tilt and rotate large sheets easy and efficient with an ergonomic vacuum gripper.

With TAWI Grip it is easy to grip big and heavy sheets. This smart tool allows anyone to handle sheets up to 500 kilos with minimal effort. There is no need to be big or strong, everyone can lift, resulting in an equal and efficient business with a flexible workforce. The number of suction cups is adapted for your load so that the tool is always ideal for your lifting needs. The gripper is easily mounted in a hoist, for safe and efficient lifting.

Add a tilting function and you can easily tilt loads of up to 250 kilos, up to 180 degrees. Stacking heavy sheets has never been easier! The user-friendly control panel makes the tool easy to use, and ensures an ergonomic working position at all times. TAWI Grip vacuum sheet gripper is easy to integrate in daily operations and can be modified to meet specific requirements of your industry. Two-handed release function ensures safe and easy grip and release of load.

Our sheet gripper is easy to use and helps ensure an ergonomic and efficient work environment. The pneumatic gripper is reliable and safe, able to handle double loads thanks to its innovative design with a twin vacuum chamber system. Let TAWI Grip relieve employees of heavy and ungainly loads and help them optimize manual material handling, every day.

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