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TAWI Container Unloader

The Container Unloader is revolutionising warehouse logistics because it’s ideal for tight spaces like trucks and shipping containers.

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Mobile solution for unloading shipping containers

The Container Unloader can improve efficiency and safety in a variety of important operations, such as unloading containers and sortation.

  • Mobile battery powered device
  • Lifting capacity <50 kg
  • Adjustable conveyor belt

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Adaptability and Improved Safety with the Container Unloader

The Container Unloader addresses warehouse and distribution centres’’ lifting needs and solves lifting challenges with its mobility and adaptability to fit different operations. It also has user-friendly controls that operators learn quickly.

  • 1. Flexible modular system- can unload items to the conveyer belt or a pallet. The conveyor belt can be placed to the left, centre, or right spot behind the platform.
  • 2. Fully mobile- has wheels and a battery-powered system that makes it easy to drive around to different doors or sites, which makes it an asset for the entire facility.
  • 3. Integrated ergonomic vacuum lift- it can lift items up to 88 lbs. (50 kg) and is a one-handed operation that allows the operator to grip items from any angle as well as rotate them. Also, it’s on a mast that can be raised or lowered and on an arm that allows it to move side-to-side and forwards/backwards to help operators reach items.
  • 4. Mobile conveyor belt- can adjust upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards for improved reach and ergonomics.
  • 5. Safe operator platform- it can be raised or lowered to give the user optimal reach, has safety rails that can move into position behind the operator, and has a built-in stabilizing system to help when travelling over inclines.

Product Details

TAWI Container Unloader Diagram

  • Information
    Material:Carbon fiber arm or steel arm
    Weight limits:40 kg [MCU40] or 50 kg [MCU50]​
    Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
    Arm Height:Steel 2625 / Carbon 2500
    Lifting Stroke:Steel 1815/ Carbon 1500
    Power requirements:400V / 50Hz
    Options:Fast coupling enables change of suction feet​
  • Media
    Container Unloader Arm
  • Information
    Belt Width:450mm
    Conveyor Total Width:590mm
    Capacity:80 kg/m
    Belt Speed:0.1-0.5 m/s (variable)
  • Media
    Container Unloader Belt Conveyor
  • Information
    Battery:In-direct charging capability
    Driving speed:0.25m/s
    Capacity:270 kg (max 2 people)
    Height:160 - 865 mm
    Power requirements:400V / 50Hz
  • Media
    Container Unloader Platform

The Container Unloader in action

When companies manually unload trucks or containers, employees face the risk of injuries from repetitive lifting, suffer fatigue leading to decreased productivity, and often require several people to meet unloading time frames. The associated problems can incur significant expenses.

According to the HSE in the UK, statistics revealed that an astounding 36.8 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injury in 2021/22 and the annual cost of work-related injury and new cases of ill health cost £18.8 billion in 2019/20, £3.5 billion of which was absorbed by employers.

Workplace injuries can create a domino effect, with employees taking time off and colleagues having to fill vacant positions, which affects the overall efficiency of business operations.

The Container Unloader presents a compelling solution with a proven Return on Investment (ROI), as exemplified by the success of Yusen Logistics. In a case study, they demonstrated a substantial reduction in the number of operators and person-hours required for container unloading when utilizing the Container Unloader compared to manual lifting.

Yusen Logistics, using TAWI’s solution, achieved the unloading of a container with only three operators in 13 person-hours, costing £211. This significant reduction in operators and unloading time resulted in a decrease of £113 per container cost. Extrapolating this to their annual operations—averaging two containers per day, 10 per week, and 520 per year—the Container Unloader’s £113 per container savings amounted to £59,228 annually.

Make the smart choice for workplace safety and efficiency by integrating TAWI’s Container Unloader into your operations. Experience not only a reduction in injuries and associated costs but also a substantial financial benefit through increased efficiency and minimized staffing requirements. Learn more about how TAWI’s innovative solutions can revolutionize your container unloading process.

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