Plank lifting

Plank lifting

Lift tall and ungainly wooden planks or boards.

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man lifting and tilting large sheet of wood

Lifting wooden sheets

Lifting wooden sheets

Lift and tilt large sheets of wood.

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A TAWI UK wood lifter can dramatically increase productivity

Pick up speed in any type of woodworking or wood processing industry with efficient wood lifters. TAWI UK vacuum systems make lifting easy, ergonomic and efficient, no matter what type of wood you need to lift.

Handling large sheets of wood, doors, planks or other wooden products is often a strenuous two-man job. TAWI UK lifters make it a simple one-man job that will not cause fatigue to your workforce. Lifting with vacuum will allow you to keep an steady pace all day, and maintain an ergonomic working position at all times. Saving both time and effort.

With our vacuum grippers, you can easily lift sheets of wood weighing up to 500 kilos. A comfortable and user-friendly control panel makes it easy to keep full control of the load, and ensures an ergonomic working position. Sheets can be rotated and tilted up to 180 degrees, making it easy to move doors, panels and other sheet materials and place them exactly where you need them.

When frequency and speed needs to be high, a vacuum lifter is the best solution. TAWI UK vacuum lifters come with a wide selection of suction feet, adaptable to the goods you need to lift. Everything from tall wooden planks to cupboards or other wooden furniture are handled quick and easy with our vacuum lifters. The ergonomic handle makes the lifter easy to control, allowing you to adjust lifting height, as well as grip and release the load with a simple one-hand grip.

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