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Lifting in Chemical and Pharmaceutical environments

Ergonomic material handling does not only result in less work-related injuries and improved health & safety amongst the workers, but it can also increase overall productivity and efficiency. Modernising Lifting in Chemical and Pharmaceutical environments is essential for health and safety of staff as well as meeting the needs of cleanroom and ATEX areas.

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Piab 70th anniversary

Piab 70 years – Celebrating the evolution of automation!

70 Years- Celebrating the evolution of automation!

Piab’s journey started in 1951 with a strong fascination for the mathematical constant, Pi (≈3.14). Founder Sven Tell’s mathematical interest prompted the development of his unique drawing compass. His fascination with Pi also inspired the company name where Pi is the mathematical constant and AB is the Swedish abbreviation for Incorporated. Since 2020, TAWI is a brand by Piab Group.

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How can productivity in logistics be doubled?

Working in Logistics or Distribution is a never-ending effort to be as productive and cost-efficient as possible to keep up with the increasing demands of the market. In these challenging times, when the market is rapidly changing its behaviour and e-commerce is accelerating, Logistics and Distribution centres need to keep up with an even higher pace and demands. Since the pandemic hit us, more than one in three consumers state that they have started to or increased their online grocery shopping. (Source: Ericsson) Are there still elements in the logistics process that can be improved? Is doubled productivity in Logistics possible for you?

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Work Efficiently with Vacuum Lifters

Did you know that the implementation of vacuum lifting equipment in your operations can save you both time and money? Learn how you can work efficiently with vacuum lifters. This article explores the benefits of assisted lifting in general and vacuum lifters in particular.

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