Using smart lifting solutions you can pick-up reels and pallets easily!


We have a variety of options to suit all reel lifting and handling requirements, allowing the operator to lift and move reels from pallets, with ease.

Reels, by design, can be challenging to handle. A combination of their shape and weight can cause strain for the handler. Add in the repetitive nature of the handling, and the problems increase. Using a manual handling aid can dramatically reduce these issues whilst increasing productivity within the workplace.

Lifting solutions

We offer a varying array of lifting solutions and tailor these to the needs of our customers. With our Lifting trolleys being multi-purpose, they can be used to assist with various reel applications and offer several methods of lifting, allowing reels to be gripped either from the core or from the outside. And with their adjustable legs, we can ensure that our trolleys are compatible with various styles of pallets, allowing the operator to reach every reel on the pallet, regardless of location.


In the event that our lifting trolley is not the most suitable solution for your workplace, TAWI also offers a range of alternative solutions for lifting and handling reels. Our vacuum lifters and hoists allow for the productive lifting and moving of reels from pallets to their destination. These can be ceiling mounted or attached to a column, making them ideal for reel lifting in narrow or hard-to-reach places.


Using our lifting equipment helps to minimise workplace injuries and health problems whilst increasing efficiency and flexibility, meaning the initial investment more than pays for itself. Our solutions mean that employees can maintain a constant pace without increasing the strain on their bodies which increases the efficiency of your work environment. It also allows any staff member to lift reels, ensuring productivity daily, every day.

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