Two leading global vacuum lifting manufacturers, Piab’s Vaculex and TAWI, proves the benefit of three

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Growing expectations on efficient and safe manual lifting 

Increasing well-being is an ever-growing priority for employers around the world and the market for smart and ergonomic lifting solutions is growing rapidly. The demand for solutions to create an effective and safe working environment is accelerating worldwide. As manual lifting processes are continuously being automatedPiab is evolving automation by taking a world leading position in semi-automated lifting solutionsWith more than 30 years of experience, TAWI adds a solid complementary portfolio of productsand is the perfect fit to Piab’s business. 

Responding to customers needs

Responding to customers’ demand for a single supplier of various lifting solutions with focus on workplace safety, the acquisition of TAWI is complementing Piab’s ergonomic Vaculex vacuum lifting solutions. With TAWIs product range and added solutions such as mobile vacuum lifters, lifting trolleyshoist and gripping tools, Piab is taking a world leading position in semi-automated ergonomic lifting equipment.  

The lifting experience of TAWI and Piab goes beyond the benefit of the two companies

Piab’s Vaculex and TAWI, two forefront global vacuum lifting manufacturers, have merged to become an unprecedented player in the global arena. United and stronger, we continue to develop solutions to resolve customer challenges with superior ergonomic and easy-to-use lifting equipment for any load up to 250 kg. Existing as well as future customers will enjoy the extended benefit from the synergies that this merger brings. 

About Vaculex 

Vaculex, formed in 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden, has developed and manufactured vacuum lifters for industries with high demands on ergonomics, workplace safety, and efficiency. Globally, Vaculex has supplied lifting equipment that overcome challenges of manual handling across many business sectors over the years. Vaculex ergonomic lifting solutions, based on vacuum technology, have helped minimize work related strain injuries and increase productivity worldwide. In 2016, Vaculex was acquired by the Piab Group. 

About TAWI

TAWI was registered in Sweden, 1923 as Tage Winberg Ltd, originally within the Swedish steel industry. The journey to become market leader in manual lifting equipment started in 1989 when Convacor, the manufacturer of the very first vacuum tube lifter was acquired. Through acquisitions, in the late nineties, lifting trolleys and crane systems were added to the product range. Then innovation of new lifting equipment such as the unique wire hoist, enabled TAWI to deliver complete lifting systems placing the company in a much stronger market position. In 2020, TAWI was acquired by the Piab Group. 

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