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Moving reels from A to B? Trying to manage efficient reel handling without lifting aids? It’s strenuous work.

Their design makes reels challenging to lift and transport, often heavy, big and ungainly. Repetitive lifting of reels can put much strain on back, knees and shoulders. Safety and ergonomics are essential aspects in a workplace, and using correct lifting aids can significantly increase both.

TAWI manufactures lifting solutions to achieve an optimal combination of efficiency, safety and ergonomics. With a lifting trolley from TAWI UK, the operator can pick up reels vertically from a pallet, tilt it to a horizontal position and move the reel from A to B, effortlessly.

A TAWI Lifting Trolley is an excellent solution if you need to move reels over large areas in your facilities or handle the same type of reel at several locations. The trolley is easy to push and turn, small enough to pass through narrow passages and doors, yet strong enough to handle reels up to 250 kg.

SCA in Sweden is one of many companies benefitting from TAWI Lifting Trolleys in their production. Handling big and bulky reels daily, SCA looked for a solution to minimize the strain on workers’ backs, shoulders and knees. After investing in six trolleys from TAWI, it is now possible for the workers to pick up reels both vertically and horizontally, transport the reels and mount them in machines with increased speed and minimum effort.

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