Lifting in Chemical and Pharmaceutical environments

Ergonomic material handling does not only result in less work-related injuries and improved health & safety amongst the workers, but it can also increase overall productivity and efficiency. Modernising Lifting in Chemical and Pharmaceutical environments is essential for health and safety of staff as well as meeting the needs of cleanroom and ATEX areas.

First of all, why do we talk about pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing together? These manufacturing environments differ greatly, with pharmaceutical environments being extremely clean and sanitary while the chemical environment is often rough and dirty. Although there are big differences between the two, the material handling problems are often very similar, and modernising lifting in pharmaceutical and chemical environments is essential.

Why investigate modernising lifting in chemical and pharmaceutical environments?

Examples of common manual handling problems in pharma and chemical industries include:

  • Loading and emptying of bags
  • Lifting and transport of drums & barrels
  • Handling and transportation of containers and rolls

modernising lifting in chemical and pharmaceutical environments

Productive benefits of ergonomic material handling

Using machine aided handling generally results in less work-related injuries and an increase in health & safety standards for staff, allowing you to overcome all of the challenges listed above. Another benefit of modernising lifting in chemical and pharmaceutical environments is that by enhancing the design of the work environment, it can also generate increased efficiency and productivity amongst the workforce. Get in touch with TAWI UK to find out how we can help.

Main productive benefits of ergonomic material handling:

  • Decrease in accidents and injuries
  • Optimisation of methods and times
  • Increased productivity 
  • Quality improvement (error reduction)
  • Cost reduction
  • Benefits for the worker including improved health & safety 
  • Increased motivation and concentration

TAWI’s lifting devices do not replace the staff already employed as they require an operator to direct the equipment. Some lifting aids can be fully integrated to the structure of the work environment (for example vacuum lifters, hoists) while some can be portable or mobile (for example trolleys, mobile cranes).

Man lifting drums with lifting aids

The main objective for any manufacturing business is to complete tasks as quickly as possible without risking the health and safety of staff performing these tasks. Loads must be moved or handled with caution, while keeping the productivity levels as high as safely possible. Another important factor to consider in these specific industries, is the need of ATEX and stainless steel systems that can comply with sanitary regulations. So, what solutions are available?

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