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Are you finding it difficult to comply with the new regulations on social distancing? Do you still need your workforce to perform team-lifts of heavy objects or large goods? Would turning a two person lift into a one person lift be of benefit to you? The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is the solution! Not only does it give one person the ability to lift heavy or larger objects, it also reduces the risk of workplace injury.

The challenge of social distancing

Picking goods faster without compromising safety is a tough challenge. The pressure on order fulfilment centres has grown due to increased online shopping during the COVID pandemic. Logistic centres and warehouses must pick up orders faster while maintaining a safe social distance between workers. The increase in demand is partly caused by people working from home and avoiding visits to public areas. This imposes higher quantities of items to be managed and potential adjustments in production and supply chain. At the same time, health and safety regulations are more critical than ever. By enabling one person to lift two, TAWI offers a solution to all of these challenges. Want to learn more? Register for our one-man-show webinar.

The mobile order picker

TAWI Mobile Order Picker (MOP) is a mobile vacuum lifter compatible with any forklift, LLOP or pallet jack, allowing operators to use it wherever they need to lift something. The MOP can always be used together with existing equipment, with no adjustments needed. Thanks to the adjustable tower height of the unit operators can reach into pallet racks or other low headroom areas, giving them the most significant possible benefit in any lifting operation.

The MOP removes 100% of the weight of the products that the operators currently lifts, and its ergonomic and user-friendly controls allows operators to move at speed and keep up with their day to day tasks.

 The mobile order picker, which is a single operator lifting aid, eliminates the need for two persons pick teams, allowing companies to manage their staff and shifts more efficiently. As an additional benefit, it also helps reduce the number of damaged items due to operators dropping the products when they are heavy or difficult to grip.

Operators can pick up the unit with any forklift and drive it wherever needed. The vacuum lifter is mounted on an articulating jib arm offering great reach and flexibility. Various vacuum lifter models can be used depending on the lifting capacity needed, and the jib arm can handle up to 80 kg loads. Electronically driven height adjustment allows the unit to adapt to different lifting heights and height limitations quickly. Read more here.

Eliminate team-lifts

TAWI Mobile Order Picker allows operators to lift more and heavier goods, single-handedly increasing logistics services and warehouse capacity. This unique tool offers a healthy, time-saving way of lifting and moving goods, making workers safer and more flexible. Simply put, the mobile order picker allows one person to do what used to be a two-person job.

Will an investment pay off? Reducing the number of persons needed for each lift by 50% will certainly give you a perfect start. Get in touch, and we will be happy to help you with a calculation based on your company’s specific conditions, showing your business’s estimated return on investment. Contact us to get your ROI calculation.

Want to see how it works? Join our free webinar and learn how TAWI can help you move from teamwork to a most efficient one-man show.

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