Lightweight lifting trolley for moving goods

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TAWI introduces a new solution for efficient and comfortable handling of goods in small spaces, ideal for use in retail stores, workshops, archives, or warehouses.

Need to lift and move goods in a cramped space?

With a compact and lightweight design, TAWI’s new lightweight trolley is ideal for handling goods in cramped spaces and narrow aisles.

The trolley is just under 60cm wide, allowing you to drive through even the narrowest aisle or passage. The lightweight construction (it weighs only 35kg!) and clever design make the trolley very easy to manoeuvre around tight corners.

Man using lightweight trolley to handle plastic crate in workshop

Simply clever

Goods are placed on the trolley’s platform, enabling you to handle a wide variety of goods. The platform is easily positioned at the same height as the shelf, allowing goods to slide from the platform to the shelf (or the other way around). In other words, this is an excellent aid for filling goods in a retail store or moving goods in a small warehouse or storage room. The platform moves at 125mm/s (that is fast!), ensuring that goods can be put on shelves quickly.

The trolley will not get in your way thanks to the compact design, even in a cluttered workshop or busy commercial kitchen. Workers use the trolley to retrieve goods from shelves and move them to their workstations where they can easily slide them over to a benchtop or even work with the goods placed on the trolley. With the wheels locked, the trolley will stand still and allow you to safely use the platform as an extra workspace.

Woman using lightweight trolley to lift boxes in a storage room

  • Light weight and compact design
  • Great mobility – easy to use
  • High-speed elevation
  • Ideal for narrow aisles in stores, workshops etc.
  • Lift and move a variety of boxes, crates, and other goods
  • Quick delivery – delivered in flat package

Cost-efficient quality

TAWI’s lightweight trolley is built on years of experience designing more complex, professional lifting trolleys. This lightweight baby sister of TAWI’s PRO models is of premium quality, with less options and customization. It’s cost-efficient quality – a minor investment you can rely on for years.


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