Lifting 7200kg of boxes every day, effortlessly

Closeup on handhold vacuum lifter lifting a sheet of wood

Using ergonomic lifting equipment

Rockwool, the world’s leading supplier of stone wool products and insulation systems, has invested in several ergonomic lift solutions from TAWI UK.  At their production site in Belgium, vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys are used daily to lift and transport various goods, and they have become an everyday part of the production. By investing in TAWI lifting equipment, Rockwool wanted to make the workflow simple and more ergonomic for their employees.

mounting metal part in machine with lifting trolley

Lifting 7200kg of boxes every day, effortlessly

Lifting boxes weighing 20-30 kg and stacking them on pallets was done by hand up until a few years ago. One pallet can contain up to 72 boxes, each box weighing around 25 kg, equalling a total weight of around 1800 kg per pallet. One employee fills at least four pallets per shift, lifting a total of 7200 kg. Using TAWI ergonomic lifting equipment, these weights can be handled in a time-efficient way and without putting any excessive strain on the worker’s bodies.

VacuEasylift multifunctional vacuum lifter

Improved employee well-being

Since the installation of lifters, they have been used on every shift, daily. The production workers have found increased productivity since they can maintain the same work speed all day without being overworked. Danny Flass, the production site supervisor, is convinced that the investment in TAWI lifting equipment can be measured quickly due to the clear health benefits for the employees.


You can read more about TAWI ergonomic vacuum lifters. 

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