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TAWI’s new partnership with London Stansted Airport

After a review of the manual handling on site, the team at Stansted Airport contacted TAWI as they were looking to make improvements to the way they were lifting and moving luggage.



Stansted is the third largest airport in the UK, carrying 27 million passengers annually to over 200 destinations. The baggage handlers were really feeling the strain of hand loading masses of luggage everyday and were putting themselves at risk in doing so. Manual handling was in the top 3 injuries in the airport, and contributed massively to lost time, meaning that things needed to change for both business and operators.

As they begun the search, the Stansted team were looking for a partner who would work efficiently to deliver the best quality solution. It was important to the team that the equipment was reliable, as it is paramount that there are no delays to the schedule caused by breakdowns, and it was also key that communication was open and continuous throughout due to the sheer scale of the project.

Steve Radford, Head of Baggage & Security Engineering was heading up the project, and tells us that ‘Health & Safety is the number one priority at the airport. Before the installation there would have been a minimum of one operator at the end of every four luggage shoots, manual handling all sorts of luggage on to the dolly. This was just not sustainable for the operators and change was welcomed.’

An operator uses a TAWI lifter at Stansted ariport


A list of specific requirements was discussed during initial meetings and included the following:

Value for money – Quality, reliable innovation at a reasonable price

Truly zero lift – To mitigate any sort of risks associated with manual handling

Robust and durable – To ensure that the investment would last and be worthwhile

Complete repeatability – The equipment will always perform a successful lift


After weighing up different offerings from different providers against the criteria, TAWI was the company Stansted chose to partner with as they best met all of the criteria. Pete Wood, Key Accounts Manager for Airports really enjoyed working with the team, and describes how it is vitally important to work very closely with the customer. He went on to say ‘this begins during the initial meeting or meetings, where we get a real understanding of the process and the requirements of the customer and baggage handling operators. By gaining deeper insight, we can then provide the correct solution which will eliminate all risks that the customer may be worried about.’

Steve told us that ‘once the equipment was installed, 140 staff were trained in a 7 day period. This just shows the commitment from the TAWI people to get the system installed and the training complete, also the ease of using the equipment. I can definitely recommend TAWI to anyone in the aviation industry who may be looking for a baggage lifting solution. Our experience with TAWI has been exemplary with no problems at all during both installation and implementation.’

Stansted Airport now utilise:

26 TPH Lifters – Low Headroom Solution 

24 Standard Baggage Lifters 32.5KG 

2 Out of Gauge Lifters 60KG+

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