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Lifting in Logistics – Market Leaders in supply chain management choose TAWI.

Here at TAWI, we know that lifting in logistics can be a challenge. Masses of goods of different shapes and sizes must be moved around every day. So how can you reduce injuries, reduce downtime, and increase productivity and staff satisfaction?


DB Schenker is a leader in supply chain management. The business handles everything from logistics to customised shipping solutions.


In Sweden, DB Schenker has a distribution centre where packages are sorted, palletised, picked and shipped for delivery to the end customer. During the outbound process, hundreds of packages pass through daily and are sorted on pallets depending on size. This process was previously carried out manually, which meant a lot of heavy lifting that could only be performed by a limited number of employees.

‘These heavy lifts made the work too physically demanding to be performed by all employees’

says Tim Maalsnes, Operational Excellence Engineer, DB Schenker

DB Schenker started looking for a lifting solution that would improve ergonomics and the work environment for the pacakging employees. The main requirement was that the solution was user – friendly and easy for everyone to use. The decision was made to invest in two TAWI High Frequency Vacuum Lifters.

Tim says, ‘We chose TAWI due to the combination of the quality they offer and the ease of integrating the lifters into our daily work. We got a great impression of TAWI as a company and their ability to provide quick maintenance and service.’

Big improvements have been seen since installing the new lifters. Injury complaints have reduced and staff are able to complete tasks.

‘Since we’ve been using the lifters on a daily basis, we’ve seen fewer complaints about the work being physically demanding. We have also reduced the amount of operators who need to change tasks throughout the day’ says Tim.

For DB Schenker, the main focus on the investment was to improve the ergonomic working conditions in the outbound process, however other benefits have also been noticed. The employees have more energy throughout the whole day and the lifters have made it possible in some situations to lift two packages simultaneously.

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