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lifting and tilting large sheet of wood using vacuum lifter

A Guide To Using Vacuum Lifters Safely

Safety is one of the main reasons for investing in vacuum lifting equipment. Compared to manual handling, vacuum lifting is not only much more efficient but also reduces or even completely eliminates many of the short-term and long-term health risks. With a vacuum lift, anyone can handle heavy loads without effort and in ergonomically correct positions. However, as with any material handling solution, it is important that the equipment is properly maintained and that the operator is trained on using vacuum lifters safely. This article is not a substitute for adequate training in vacuum lifting but is instead intended to demonstrate some of the key safety principles.

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Man lifting window with vacuum yoke sheet gripper

Choose The Right Lifting Equipment For You

Having access to the best possible lifting equipment will greatly benefit staff health and productivity in any warehousing or manufacturing setting. The biggest challenge is having to choose the right lifting equipment, which often involves a complex selection process and a considerable investment in both time and finances. No two workplaces are identical in terms of size, layout or material handling requirements, meaning individual approaches are usually necessary to fully meet the requirements of a specific workplace. This article is a short guide to get you started in the selection process – and an overview of what types of equipment are best suited for or can be adapted to suit your specific manual handling needs.

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