Benefits of lifting wood panels with a TAWI vacuum lifter


TAWI UK offers a range of solutions for any company that lifts wooden material from large door panels, to plywood, boards, and planks of all shapes and sizes. They also provide customised solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Why use a vacuum lift solution for wooden panels?

Lifting wooden panels couldn’t be easier with TAWI’s vacuum lifting equipment, saving you time and money.

Working with heavy, bulky pieces of wood can be a significant challenge, requiring a great deal of power and agility. But with a TWAI vacuum lifter, lifting and transferring wooden panels, planks, or sheets is easy and efficient. The suction feet can be modified for specific customer needs so that materials of any size are gripped safely and efficiently.

TAWI’s vacuum technology enables the effortless handling of wooden materials. This gives the operator complete load control, quickly adjusting lifting height and speed with fingertip precision. The  Tawi panel lifter lifts, tilts, and rotates wooden panels or sheets, safely handling heavy products.

man lifting and tilting large sheet of wood

wooden panels

Suction grippers ensure that wooden planks of different widths and weights can be transported and placed with minimum effort and in a timely fashion. The operator controls the functions effortlessly without risk of injury.

One of the main reasons companies choose to use vacuum lifting solutions within their workplace is to avoid their employees taking time off work due to the excessive demands it makes on the human body. Wooden panels are cumbersome, especially over long wooden materials, such as doors, heavy beams, planks, solid wood and solid structural timber. TAWI’s powerful vacuum lifters are engineered in Sweden and provide a good vacuum solution that is failsafe, even in the event of a power failure.

Transporting large, cumbersome heavy wooden planks has always been one of the tasks in wood handling and has been a problem when it comes to manual handling. One can only imagine how much time and manpower it would take to lift and transport these large wooden panels or planks from one place to another position in a warehouse. The risk of injury is always present.

What type of injury would occur lifting wooden panels?

It’s perhaps startling to know that over one million workers yearly suffer from workplace injuries caused by heavy lifting.
The type of injury can range from back injuries to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), strains and sprains, hernias and hand and foot injuries,
significantly when a wooden plank is dropped on hands or feet.

No company wants their workers to be off sick due to injury. So it’s more important than ever to provide the right lifting equipment for staff, especially for those employees who perform repetitive tasks for long periods.

With the right training and correct equipment, companies can easily avoid losing valuable man-hours and good staff retention.

Reduce manual labour, improve productivity and ROI

Lifting wood panels can put considerable strain on the body. Vacuum sheet lifters help companies reduce manual labour, improve safety, and increase productivity and ROI.

Heavy pieces of wooden boards, like door panels, usually require two people to do the job. This function becomes more efficient with ergonomic vacuum automation, only requiring one person.

Using a vacuum lifting system enables any employee in the workforce to quickly become a “superhero lifter”, regardless of their size or strength. For instance, a single employee can easily lift large sheet wood products up to 270 kg.

TAWI’s lifting systems transform employees’ workload into a more streamlined process, providing a continuous efficient workflow without interruption.

Easy handling of wooden panels

TAWI’s ergonomic technology allows one person to lift wooden sheets up to 180 kg without straining the body. The user-friendly control panel makes the tool easy to manoeuvre and helps ensure the operator’s and the load’s safety. The vacuum gripper is conveniently mounted in a TAWI hoist for optimal speed and precision.

Furthermore, the secure suction grip allows workers to move and rotate wooden sheets smoothly and efficiently, reducing the chances of dropping or damaging them during transfer.

Tilting or rotation of wooden panels and sheets

Regardless of stature, anyone can lift and tilt wooden panels and rotate them if needed.  However, with a TAWI vacuum lifter, the ergonomic design negates the operator having to twist their body into contortions which can cause injury and time off work, ultimately reducing productivity and costing time and money.

Lifting large panels

wooden sheets

Speed and Efficiency

Often companies are up against the clock when trying to fulfil an order. This is when speed is essential in fulfilling an order; our high-frequency vacuum lifters are designed with different suction feet for different product sizes. These adapters allow the operator to pick up larger-sized or smaller wooden items quickly and easily, with minimum impact on the body.

TAWI’s vacuum lifting solutions for handling wooden products enhance production, optimising the process from start to finish, allowing employees to carry out their duties safely and consistently, with minimum downtime.

But don’t take our word for it…

“TAWI has helped us with standard lifting equipment and customised solutions adjusted to our specific needs.”
Björn Skoglund
Production Manager at LG Collection

TAWI UK offers all enquiries a free, no-obligation site visit to assess your requirements.


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