Man lifting window with vacuum yoke sheet gripper

Heavy lifting of wood, metal & glass

Within the woodworking and metal industry processing there is often heavy lifting undertaken throughout. With a TAWI UK lifter you can easily and precisely transport sheets of metal, wood and glass regardless of the size and weight.

Lifting heavy wooden planks with hoist lift

Minimise downtime and employee injuries

Efficient and careful handling of heavy loads can be achieved with lifting equipment adapted for your operational demands. TAWI provide not only high quality solutions but also offer full service and maintenance agreements to support your operations and reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime.

  • Save money with TAWI solutions
  • Minimize downtime and employee injuries
  • Achieve time efficient material handling

Handling long and heavy wooden planks is one example of a challenging task that typically requires more than one person to perform. If done by hand without lifting systems, dependent on one or a few strong individuals, it can easily become a source of unnecessary downtime and productivity loss.

Performing this heavy task repeatedly by hand also puts a lot of strain on the workers bodies, with long term health problems as a major risk. TAWI offers hoist lifts and steel crane systems engineered to resolve these heavy lifting challenges.

Without reliable lifting aids, moving heavy, bulky and fragile components also comes with an increased risk of damaging the materials. Our lifting equipment for sheet metal, glass and wood panels ensure precise transporting and positioning of even the most heavy and bulky materials.

All TAWI lifters have a robust and sturdy Scandinavian design, reliable for handling everything from heavy wood panels, metal sheets or sensitive windows and laminates.

Heavy lifting of wooden walls

Moving complete walls? No problem.

Moving complete walls or large metal parts require electrically powered lift systems with reliable and robust design. TAWI offers hoist lifts and steel crane systems engineered to resolve these heavy lifting challenges.

Easily manoeuvred with a simple remote control, the operator can lift, steer and precisely place the heavyweight materials in a controlled and efficient way. Our customers are often surprised how quickly and easily their efficiency in the process is improved.

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