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Pharmaceutical packaging

TAWI have a large selection of lifting tools designed for use in the pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, we can facilitate efficient packing processes as well as reliable handling. We pride ourselves in ensuring safe manual handling for both the operator and the goods.

Lifting packaged pharmaceuticals onto pallet

Time and cost efficient handling of packaged pharmaceutical goods.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly sensitive, allowing no room for production and packaging errors. Every aspect of pharmaceutical production, including packaging, is tightly controlled and ruled by regulatory requirements. Uniformity, cleanliness, and sterility are some requirements needed to maintain good manufacturing practices. But in a competitive and continuously evolving industry, efficiency and non-stop productivity is just as important. To maintain an uninterrupted and dependable workflow in packaging and palletising the ready products, reliable handling equipment is a necessity.

Loading packaging materials into packaging machines is often heavy and awkward work. The risks in this process are multiple, both to the person handling the materials and the production line if there is a problem when loading. Our fully mobile lifters, designed for use in the pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, will improve efficiency and combat these risks. Using our equipment allows for effortless and ergonomic handling of heavy reels of packaging materials and out stainless- steel trolleys help ensure your production is both uninterrupted and safe throughout the packaging area.

Vacuum assisted manual handling ensures safe and reliable handling of packaged goods. TAWI provides a wide selection of vacuum tools suitable for packing pharmaceuticals in boxes, and for moving the sealed boxes from conveyor to pallet. The use of vacuum technology when handling cartons will ensure that cartons filled with sensitive pharmaceuticals are not damaged in the process. It will also improve workplace ergonomics and safety, effectively preventing workplace injury and muscle stress caused by repetitive manual handling.

reel lifter in pharma industry

Systems designed for your packaging process

TAWI lifters are conveniently installed using a customised crane system designed specifically for your facilities. We work with our customers to ensure that the solutions we provide fit your processes and increase productivity. In some operations a mobile vacuum lifter is the most cost-effective solutions, allowing the operator to use the same vacuum equipment in multiple locations, easily moving from conveyor to pallet, and beyond.

When working in a clean room environment, TAWI’s stainless steel options are the safe choice, Easy to clean and dependable equipment gives your workforce effortless manual handling whilst maintaining compliance with the strict regulations of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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