Air cargo handling

Moving cargo between pallets and/or containers fast and efficient with TAWI airport lifting solutions.

Lifting baggage at airport terminal

Loading and unloading air cargo at airports

Air cargo is transported worldwide in cargo planes typically loaded with ULDs (Unit Load Device) or container and cargo pallets. Before the cargo is loaded onto the aeroplane, it needs to be sorted and loaded into a ULD, a task that includes moving air cargo between pallets and open containers. 

After unloading the aeroplane, the cargo must be unloaded from the ULD to the appropriate types of load carriers used for the next transport at the airport. This loading, unloading and sorting process is often carried out manually, causing repetitive work-related strain injuries with lower productivity and high sick absence. 

Safe high-speed box lifting at airports

TAWI has developed high-frequency lifting solutions for air cargo to solve the handling problems within Air Cargo terminals. The solutions focus on improving worker satisfaction, and productivity and reducing work-related strain injuries and at the same time bringing damage to the cargo to a minimum level.

TAWIs ergonomic air cargo lifting solutions are being used for various applications: 

  1. Moving cargo between pallet type of ULDs (PAG, PYB etc) or open type of container ULDs (AKH, AAX)
  2. Loading or unloading large container type of ULDs (AMJ, AAX, AAC, AMX, AML, AMJ, AAA, AMD)
  3. In addition to specialized air cargo solutions, TAWI also provides solutions for parcel carriers that can be implemented for air cargo handling. This includes solutions for unloading containers and trailers as well as solutions for sorting and palletizing incoming or outgoing parcels. 

What TAWIs air cargo lifting equipment does for you

The results are ergonomic lift solutions for air cargo at airports that potentially increases the productivity still minimizes the risk for work related repetitive strain injuries.

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