articulating jib crane

Articulating arm

A TAWI articulating arm crane is the best choice when working in tight areas, as it allows an operator the ability to avoid typical obstacles. It offers flexible handling during operation, increases your mobility and provides a free range of motion.

articulating crane arm TAWI articulated jib crane with vacuum lifter TAWI articulating stainless steel jib crane

TAWI articulating jib cranes

The TAWI articulating arm can operate goods with a lifting capacity of up to 60 kg and a working radius of up to 360 degrees. It is also available in various arm lengths up to 4 meters, as well as can be customized for your needs.

  • For tight areas
  • Reaching 360 degrees
  • Allow for a fast workflow
  • Easy to operate

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When to use articulating arm cranes

TAWI articulating arms can:

  • Operate in restrained spaces
  • Use tools with great accuracy
  • Reach up to 4 meters
  • Rotate with 360 degrees of freedom
  • Lift up to 60 kg

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <80 kg
  • Arm profile: steel
  • Max arm length: 4000 mm (2000+2000 mm)
  • Working radius: <360°

Articulating jib arm - making material handling simple and fast

An articulating arm is best suited when your operations take place in a tight area, your surroundings are hazardous or you just want the maximum flexibility and control out of your TAWI jib arm.

The TAWI jib crane with articulating arm is mainly designed for an easy operation and for improving the area of action within small spaces. Beyond a 360-degree working radius and 4 meters of reach in the primary direction, the articulating arm can trace the walls of a passageway with accuracy, without having the carrying capacity of a normal jib arm sticking out beyond the suspended tool. The articulating joint on the arm makes it the best option to enhance operational space within a tight area. The flexible construction allows for an increase in mobility as well as a free range of motion and as a result makes it easier to avoid barriers within your facility. In addition, it is also the best option when there is low headroom within the work space.

Finally, the articulating jib arm is both more user friendly and enables more fluid operation. The arm just follows wherever the user drags the tool without having to mind the arm hitting the surroundings. The articulating jib arm in the aluminium configuration is suitable for handling of loads of 60 kg in weight, in the stainless-steel configuration it is suitable for loads up to 80 kg.

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