Loading and unloading with mobile vacuum lifter

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High-speed loading and unloading is essential to an efficeint logistic process.

The increase in online shopping has fundamentally changed the requirements on logistic handling. Containers and trucks need to be loaded and unloaded with high speed and efficiency, workers need to manage cartons and other goods of varying sizes and weights. The same thing is true for warehouse order picking and palletizing. Consumers today expect fast delivery, putting high demands on efficient order picking, loading and unloading.

Loading and unloading of containers or trucks needs to be quick and efficient. Manually loading or unloading is time-consuming and strenuous work and poses a high risk of injury. The loading or unloading process involves lifting boxes from above shoulder height and twisting when lifting, which is hazardous work. The good news is that proper lifting aids can help workers save their strength, avoid injury, and speed up work, effectively saving both time and money in your business.
TAWI has developed a mobile vacuum lifter with an articulating arm for optimal reach in pallet racks or warehouse shelves. The mobile vacuum lifter allows the operator to lift all types of boxes, sacks or other packaged goods quickly and safely. A wide array of innovative suction feet help secure ergonomic and efficient operations, enabling operators to pick up goods from several angles. Learn more about TAWI solutions for speedy and ergonomic loading and unloading here.

Versatile and efficient order picking

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a quick and user-friendly mobile vacuum lifter that can handle boxes of varying sizes, paper or plastic sacks, drums, sheets, or anything else that can be lifted with vacuum. The vacuum lifter is compatible with any forklift or pallet jack used when picking goods, ensuring a speedy and flexible process. Regardless which type of forklift or pallet jack is used, this TAWI vacuum lifter will go with the warehouse workers wherever they need to go to pick goods. The knuckle arm allows the operator to reach far into pallet racks and pick goods effortlessly and ergonomicly. A clever solution that will facilitate order picking in any warehouse or logistic unit. Read more about order picking here.

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