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Increase productivity by making lifting easy for everyone. When lifting is easy, you can lift more, with less effort. Create a flexible workplace where employees can move between workstations to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure continuous productivity.

This may or may not come as a surprise, but the manual handling of goods is the most common reason for injury and causes over a third of all workplace injuries? Manual handling injuries are popular in every situation from the receiving end, to the conveyor line and order picking, as well as the production line. These injuries can effect the workflow and productivity of the entire operation, where both the employer and employee lose both time and money. Not to mention the physical suffering for the injured employee.

Most of the time it is not easy to avoid manual handling, and employers should factor in the risks of manual handling while setting guidelines in place to ensure safety.

Easy to use manual handling equipment can help sustain and increase productivity. When running a business, providing safe and easy to use manual handling equipment is one of several things that you can do to improve worker safety.

First of all, you should analyze the work space that contains the manual handling equipment. Next, attempt to lessen the amount of spinning, slouching and stretching as much as possible as these are the movements that cause injuries. Revise the workflow to decrease the need to perform such movements. Also, be sure there are no barriers in the path where goods are moved from and to.
Easy to use manual handling equipment will omit manual handling injuries and increase your productivity. By creating a flexible workplace, employees won’t suffer from their injuries and your company will save money on sick pay and insurance costs. Safe and efficient manual handling equipment will be a great return on your investment.

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