Logistics from conveyor to pallet

Conveyor to pallet

TAWI's fast and manageable material handling equipment give you the ability to grip and lift goods with different weights and measures, while also moving them from a conveyor to a pallet, all while in a time efficient and ergonomic way, which is both safe for the operator as well as your goods.
Moving box from conveyor to pallet

Manageable package handling for efficient logistic operations

The logistic industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and is constantly facing its challenges. The continued increase in online shopping offers great potential for the industry, but also puts high demands on faster and more reliable delivery of goods. The modern online shopper expects their packages to be delivered fast, and unharmed. Logistic facilities need to speed up their processes in order to keep up with these demands, while also remaining dependable.

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The growth in online shopping is increasing not just by volume, but also in variations of packages that need to be handled. Goods of different weights and measures as well as surfaces, all need to be handled quickly and carefully.
Vacuum technology gives one single person the ability to manage large volumes of packages while lifting and moving them, while not putting any physical strain on their body. The suction foot of the vacuum lifter grips goods and holds them securely throughout the moving process, without leaving marks on them. Because of the unique design of the TAWI lifters, one suction foot can safely lift goods, allowing for efficient sorting.
Box lifting from conveyor to pallet

Great return on your investment

A steady flow of packages with different weights and measures can quickly be picked from a conveyor and sorted onto pallets. A custom made overhead crane system gives the operator the ability to move the goods from conveyor and to pallets, very quickly. Our lifters are ergonomically designed to save the operator from unnecessary pain and downtime, allowing them to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time. Implementing a TAWI lifter into your workflow will enhance your operations, eliminate work related injuries, and reduce the risk of damaged products. This is what makes a TAWI lifting system a great return on your investment.
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