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Food & Beverage

Handling food and food products requires the highest level of sanitation and quality as well as a secure, yet delicate, touch. TAWI’s stainless steel vacuum lifters are perfectly suited for these demanding environments.

Solutions for every step of the process in food and beverage manufacturing

Handling solutions for the food and beverage industry

Picking ingredients for processing

Simplify the receival of incoming goods with safe and easy material handling equipment that has been designed specifically to handle food products.

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Food industry lifting equipment incoming goods
Food processing

Simplify your workflow by implementing a TAWI lifting solution into your food and beverage processing workflow. Enhance your operations while keeping your goods, and your employees safe.

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Food processing
Packaging and palletizing

Safe, secure and fast packaging and palletizing of food products can easily be accomplished with TAWI’s wide range of lifting solutions that have been specifically designed for the food and beverage industry.

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Food industry lifting system packaging
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Vacuum technology for maximum hygiene and maximum efficiency in the food industry

In the food and beverage industry, the bottom line is trust. The trust that consumers have that the things that they eat or drink are safe. The trust that food and beverage companies have in the sub-suppliers that process or produce these products to ensure that no unwelcome or harmful substances make their way into the food or beverages.

Breaking this trust with customers or consumers – as any company in the food or beverage industry knows – can have disastrous effects. Public scandals, decertification, damage to the manufacturing company’s reputation, and potentially fatal effects on earnings. For this reason, it is vital that companies in these industries can lift and handle products in a way that meets the most stringent demands on hygiene and safety. With a TAWI solution, you not only guarantee maximum cleanliness, but maximum efficiency as well, assuring not only that your bottom line doesn’t suffer, but that it prospers.

TAWI has a long history of supplying lifting solutions to the Food and Beverage industry and a deep understanding of how companies in this segment work – and what they need to work more efficiently and more productively. Our years of working closely with customers in the Food and Beverage industry have given us the knowledge and insight needed to develop even more effective solutions, such as our range of stainless- steel cranes and the unparalleled sanitary design of a new lifting unit that has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture for the lifting of unwrapped food products.

All TAWI solutions are extremely lightweight and easy to use, featuring smooth, seamless surfaces that make for easy cleaning and allow only a minimum of particle accumulation. TAWI’s line of stainless-steel vacuum lifter solutions are ideally suited for the demanding hygiene and safety standards of the Food and Beverage industry.

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