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Streamlining the manufacturing process and bringing increased safety and efficiency to the assembly line.

Solutions for every step of the automotive manufacturing process

Efficient manual handling in automotive manufacturing

Incoming goods – automotive
TAWI's handling equipment will save you time while unloading incoming goods because of their quick and effortless abilities. Now you can lift anything, from boxes and batteries to oddly shaped components and windshields. That's what we call, smart lifting.

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Incoming goods for automotive manufacuring
TAWI offers lifting solutions for the assembly process in the automotive industry that enhance the overall operational workflow, while safely handling components and parts without risking harm to employees.

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Automotive assembly lifting
Component handling
TAWI lifters can guarantee an efficient and safe workflow, at every stage of the component process.

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Car component lifting
Storage handling
Manage heavy parts and delicate components with the same ease and gain the most efficient storage solution possible.

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Automotive storage handling car parts
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More efficient lifting for those who make cars and those who supply them

In the competitive automotive industry, speed and the ability to adapt to changing processes and products is key. The automobile industry is always changing, always evolving, and a vacuum lifting solution from TAWI can help you keep up with – and ahead of – the game.

With a range of solutions especially designed for the automobile industry, and lengthy experience in the field, TAWI understands the challenges facing the industry as a whole and the needs of each stage of the manufacturing process. TAWI automotive solutions help streamline your manufacturing process and bring increased safety and productivity to the assembly line – from stress free handling of incoming goods and efficient component manufacture and placement to final assembly and storage.

Speed, flexibility, and efficiency with TAWI

Modern automotive plants must be very flexible, with the ability to manage multiple models, and more importantly, multiple platforms, within a single plant. TAWI’s unique vacuum lifting systems can play an important role in increasing both the agility and safety of your production process, enabling any employee to lift and move any load, facilitating easier staffing and more production flexibility. A TAWI solution brings increased profitability and efficiency to your process, with solutions ranging from hand-held windshield suction cups and auto glass installers to below-the-hook vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys.

Healthier Employees – and a Healthier Bottom Line

With the safe and stress-free moving of heavy or cumbersome products that TAWI vacuum lifting provides, the handling and assembly of automotive parts, from tires and batteries to windshields and other components, is easier than ever before.In addition, with a TAWI system, you get a highly versatile handling device which can drastically reduce or eliminate the need for bulky hydraulics or forklifts and their maintenance and down-time issues. All in all, you get lower upfront cost, greater flexibility in future process changes, and unparalleled safety.Whether in the auto shop, the component manufacturing plant, or on the automotive production line, vacuum lifters from TAWI make automotive work easier and more agile than ever before.

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