Explosion Proof Lifting Solution from TAWI

décembre 13, 2018
Safety is the number one priority when lifting and moving goods in an environment that is classified as hazardous. TAWI's explosion proof lifts are manufactured to improve safety in hazardous environments, while also increasing the workflow.

What are Explosion Proof lifts?

Various certifications throughout the world are required when using equipment in environments that are a hazardous area classification. In Canada, Explosion Proof is what is necessary for safe operations. These work areas where flammable or explosive materials are stored or used are found in a wide range of industries, from chemical to pharmaceutical. Handling materials in these environments requires the highest level of safety engineering.


TAWI is the leader in the industry for explosion proof lifting equipment. Our vacuum lift contains a motor that can be engineered to offer protection in areas classified as hazardous, without forgoing an efficiency, safe and ergonomic workflow.


An environment that is a hazardous area classification demands specifications.

Certain requirements must be met when working with equipment in an area that is classified as hazardous. The motor on a TAWI vacuum lift can be engineered to meet these explosion proof requirements. By placing the explosion proof vacuum’s pump in another room, this will enable the vacuum lift to vent the exhaust into a safe area.

TAWI ATEX certified lifting solutions

It is crucial to cautiously arrange where the vacuum lift and the motor will be installed at in room with a hazardous area classification.


TAWI ATEX certified vacuum lifters


With our innovative explosion proof lifts, we can provide equipment that meets the requirements for hazardous locations that are susceptible to explosive materials.


Engineered to meet ATEX certification.

Around the world, hazardous work environments are classified in other ways, for example by zones. These zones are in accordance to the frequency and duration of the occurrence of explosive atmospheres, and the equipment must be ATEX approved.


Our equipment has been engineered to be ex rated solutions for these hazardous environments. The TAWI VacuMove as well as profiles for our crane systems and jib arms, and our lifting trolleys, can all be modified to be ATEX rated equipment.


For more information about our explosion proof lifts, learn about a recent installation here.

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