Smart solutions for unloading containers and warehouse order picking

March 19, 2019
Flexible solutions for logistic industry challenges


As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the logistic industry is facing some challenges. Online shopping continues to increase, offering large potential for logistic and distribution centres but also demanding fast and reliable deliveries. All packages need to be handled quickly and carefully, from unloading containers or trucks to palletizing and warehouse order picking.


Unloading truck with mobile vacuum lifter


Manually unloading goods from containers or trucks is a strenuous and time-sensitive task. Investing in the right lifting equipment for unloading containers will save your business time and money as well as improve employee health and flexibility. Time efficient and ergonomic warehouse order picking is another challenge, typically a variety of goods with different weights and shapes needs to be picked from pallet racks and the operator needs to be able to reach all goods on a pallet.


Warehouse order picking with TAWI mobile vacuum lifter

TAWI mobile vacuum lifter

The latest lifting innovation from TAWI, a mobile order picking device, makes both unloading containers or trucks and warehouse order picking efficient, fast and safe. The fully mobile vacuum lifter is a stand-alone unit that can be picked up with any fork lifter or pallet jack, making it easy for all staff to use at any time.


Vacuum technology is an option that allows one single employee to handle large volumes of packages, without physical effort. The vacuum suction foot grips boxes and holds them safely without leaving any marks on the surface and the same suction foot can be used to lift boxes of varying weights and dimensions.

Increase speed and ergonomics

With quick start up time and user-friendly functions TAWI mobile order picker makes it possible for an operator to pick up orders with increased speed and ergonomics. Anyone can use the mobile order picker and thereby anyone can also lift heavy goods, regardless how big or strong they are. This provides your business with the flexibility to fully optimize resources and minimize downtime.


Are your business handling heavier goods such as large sacks or car tires? No problem. Our mobile vacuum lifter will make lifting up to 80kg seem like nothing at all.


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Smart solutions for unloading containers and warehouse order picking

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