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lifting sack of flour to empty in mixing vessel in bakery
Efficient sack handling
"Everyone can handle heavy sacks with TAWI vacuum lifters, which increases flexibility and makes sure the production never stands still."

Jonas Eriksson

Production manager, Bakels Aromatic, Sweden

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Lift systems for anything you need to lift

TAWI lift systems facilitate manual lifting of anything from small boxes to big metal sheets. No matter what you need to lift, we make it easy, efficient and safe.

All TAWI lift systems are developed with the user in mind, designed to help you lift efficiently without straining your back, shoulders or knees. The lifters are so easy to use, operators normally only need a few minutes to get used to the equipment before they can speed up the manual handling of goods. In addition to a more time-efficient manual handling, the lift systems also help improve the work environment for employees who need to handle manual lifts.

What do you need to lift?

No matter what type of goods you need to lift, we can help you lift them in a safe and efficient way. TAWI offers a wide range of lifting tools fo handling sacks, reels, barrels, crates, boards and much more. We customize tools for specific automotive components that need to be lifted in an assembly line, or for heavy yet fragile glass sheets that need to be moved in a safe way. Our tools enable you to lift sacks in an ergonomic way, regardless if they are made of plastic, paper or woven materials. (And we do it without damaging the sack.) We also offer tools for lifting boxes or parcels, regardless if they are sealed or not, and we even offer tools for lifting multiple parcels at the same time.

Lifting aids for more efficient manual handling

We offer a selection of lift systems handling all types of goods. TAWI vacuum lifters are ideal for repetitive lifting where high speed is a must, and also offer great precision when handling ungainly objects like sacks or bales. When you need to tilt the load, or leave it hanging in the lifter, a wire hoist could be the best solution for you. TAWI Wire Hoist offers great precision and is actually one of the fastest hoists on the market. Regardless if you choose to work with vacuum lifters, hoists, or both, you will need a reliable crane system to mount the lifters in. TAWI crane systems are custom made for your specific needs and easily integrated in your facilities, creating the optimal workflow for your business.

Lift systems with full mobility

If you need mobility – a lift system allowing you to lift and move goods around your facilities – our robust trolleys offer a great solution. TAWI Lifting Trolleys can be equipped with various tools to lift, tilt and turn anything from reels to drums or crates. TAWI also offers unique mobile vacuum solutions for order picking, loading or unloading containers and trucks, or simply lifting and moving goods in various locations. All TAWI lifters are easily modified to meet your every need, making lifting easy wherever you are.

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