Manometer for measurement of vacuum

How to Measure Vacuum: Methods, Units and Scales

Measuring a vacuum essentially means putting a number on the absence of something. More precisely, what is measured is the amount of negative pressure in a volume of space caused by an absence of air relative to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is no universal vacuum unit of measurement. Depending on the level of vacuum needed in a specific application, it is often necessary to use different scales, units and gauges.

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Logistic warehouse order picking

Important KPIs Used to Measure Warehouse Efficiency

Most likely, you have access to a multitude of different data related to your warehouse facility. The challenging part is putting it to the best possible use in improving overall efficiency. A first step is to identify the right key performance indicators (KPIs) that will provide actionable information on your logistics processes.

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lifting and tilting large sheet of wood using vacuum lifter

Key Principles of Lifting Safety Using Vacuum Technology

Safety is one of the main reasons for investing in vacuum lifting equipment. Compared to manual handling, vacuum lifting is not only much more efficient – it also reduces or even eliminates many of the short-term and long-term health risks. With a vacuum lift, anyone can handle heavy loads without effort and in ergonomically correct positions. However, as with any material handling solution, it is important that the equipment is properly maintained and that the operator knows how to safely use it. This article is not a substitute for adequate training in vacuum lifting. It is intended as a brief overview of some of the important safety principles.

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Manometer for measurement of vacuum

An Introduction to Vacuum Technology

Vacuum technology is an irreplaceable part of a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. You will find vacuum systems in areas as diverse as packaging, freeze-drying, numerous forms of manufacturing, and even particle accelerators. This article is a brief overview of vacuum technology in general and, more specifically, how it is applied in vacuum lifting.

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Lifting boxes onto pallet with mobile vacuum lifter

Make lifting a one man show!

Are you finding it difficult to comply with the new regulations on social distancing? Do you still need your workforce to perform team-lifts of heavy objects or ungainly goods? What issues would be solved and how much time and resources could you save by giving one person the tools to lift for two? TAWI Mobile Order Picker allows one person to do the job of two while relieving their backs from injuries caused by lifting heavy objects.

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