TAWI Explosion Proof Lifts

When lifting or moving materials in an area that is classified hazardous, safety is key. The potential risk of an explosion or combustion endangers not just your operations, but your employees as well. TAWI has your back though, with explosion proof vacuum lifts.

TAWI’s explosion proof lifts are designed to improve safety, while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, all while ensuring a safe work environment at every stage of the workflow.

So, what does Explosion Proof mean?

Quality is especially important in hazardous work environments, where safety and efficiency are key. Multiple certifications throughout the world are required, and in the US, that certification is Explosion Proofn Proof mean?


TAWI is the leader in the industry for explosion proof lifts in environments that are a hazardous area classification. The motor on our vacuum lift can be manufactured to offer protection in areas where flammable substances and ignition sources are present, without sacrificing efficiency, safety or ergonomics.

Standards required in environments that are a hazardous area classification.

Operating in a room with a hazardous area classification means there are different needs for the lifting equipment. Because of this, TAWI has manufactured our vacuum’s motors to be explosion proof and certified safe to use in these areas. By installing a TAWI vacuum lift with an explosion proof motor, they could place the vacuum’s pump in another room, thus enabling the vacuum lift to vent the exhaust into a safe area.




It is important to carefully plan the placement of both the vacuum lift and the motor in a room with a hazardous area classification. 


Having mastered an explosion proof vacuum lift, TAWI is able to offer and install equipment specifically designed for hazardous sites exposed to potentially explosive substances.

In other parts of the world, hazardous work environments are classified in terms of zones, according to the frequency and duration of the occurrence of explosive atmospheres, and must be ATEX rated equipment.

TAWI has designed our lifts to be ex rated equipment solutions for these hazardous environments. For example, our TAWI VacuMove, our profiles for our crane systems and jib arms, and our lifting trolleys, can all be modified to meet ATEX requirements.


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